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Borenius | Shared values guide the partnership

Finance manager Anne-Mari Patteri and development manager Niko Jakobsson

Values are important to us. We expect our partners to act according to our values.

Appreciating others. Succeeding together. Professional pride. Values are guiding actions at Borenius, a company with a long heritage as a law firm for Finnish companies. We’re sitting at Borenius’s office in Helsinki, and from the window you can see Kauppatori, the central market square, and Katajanokka Ferris wheel. Finance manager Anne-Mari Patteri and development manager Niko Jakobsson tell how they are always reflecting Borenius’s values to their partners’ way of working. Experience has proven that the partnership works when the both parties share common values. “Efima too follows our values”, they say.

Leading the way requires agility and transparency

Reliable partners are needed so that Borenius can be a leader in its industry. Patteri and Jakobsson illustrate how Borenius serves its customers in an ever-changing world. “In today’s world you need agility and transparency”, they say. “To be able to provide our customers with high-quality service, also our internal quality needs to be top-class. Digital and well-functioning processes as well as thoughtful utilization of outsourcing make us the leaders within our industry”, Jakobsson tells.

The benefits of outsourcing were achieved quickly

Borenius utilizes the systems provided by Efima in financial management processes and reporting. Since then, Borenius has also outsourced the accounts payable and travel expenses processes to Efima. Anne-Mari Patteri thinks that Efima has a combination of process and systems knowledge. “We don’t want to use too much of our own time in the basic financial management processes. We want them to go smoothly and efficiently. We want our focus to be in developing our business. Since the outsourcing with Efima started, we have reached our goals in a short time”, she says.

A competent partner streamlines the action

Patteri and Jakobsson highlight that a partner needs to understand the business of its client. At a law firm, trustworthiness and reliability are the key words. “A good partnership brings us know-how and expertise that we shouldn’t maintain ourselves. We cannot make our customers pay for our internal inefficiencies – that is why we use competent partners”, says Jakobsson. In selecting partners, Borenius evaluates not only their references and professionalism but also their values. For example, when selecting an outsourcing partner, the motivation and commitment of the partner's employees are important criteria.  

Learning together

Both Patteri and Jakobsson see development as a key part of a partnership. They believe in learning together. “The best solutions come from developing things together. Products and services will improve if we are active ourselves and try to influence, giving feedback and ideas. As a customer, we have to play our part in the relationship – it’s in our interest. In this, listening and having conversations are important. In our opinion, Efima is interested in customer feedback, both the spontaneous and that given through ‘official’ channels”, Anne-Mari Patteri tells.

The future holds developing and deepening the cooperation in it. Supporting workforce mobility with different mobile solutions and utilizing the systems more broadly in reporting are among the key objectives. Working together on these projects, Borenius and Efima will surely learn new, better ways of working, that will benefit both partners’ business.