Partnership based on trust

Case MPY

The team at Efima is like a part of our own team. We're rowing in the same direction.

Sami Pulkkinen, Finance Manager, MPY

MPY's Finance Manager, Sami Pulkkinen, says his company focuses on delivering great customer experiences. Employees' time should not be wasted with bureaucracy, and thus the financial management is as digital and automated as possible. All of the high-volume processes that require manual handling have been outsourced to Efima, which frees the finance employees to support the business. Efima is also responsible for continuous development of the processes. "Being digital is the foundation of modern, place-independent work. We wish to push paper no more, but the focus on the actual business", Pulkkinen describes. 

Process knowledge and trust

MPY has outsourced financial processes to Efima. Pulkkinen states the cooperation is based on a well-built foundation. To him partnership essentially means trust. "Things are going as they should, and we can count on that. It's nice to leave for a vacation knowing that Efima's team takes care of the processes", he says. 

According to Pulkkinen outsourcing has even allowed his team to expand their individual responsibilities, which makes work more interesting. "We've had more time to develop our know-how. We have started to job rotation, and people are more broadly skilled and happy. I have also been able to take on new areas of responsibility", he tells. 

Developing outsourcing

Pulkkinen describes Efima's team as "sort of a part of our own team". Efima's team in turn praises Sami's way of leading the partnership. Pulkkinen states that he feels there is no boundary between the companies, and he emphasizes the importance of openness and trust. "With a great feeling, people produce great results. It's important that people who work for us have the courage to ask questions and question things. If mistakes are made, they're fixed. Together we can learn, develop, and take the ways of working forward. We're all rowing in the same direction".  

The focus of MPY's financial management in the future will naturally be in supporting the business. Reporting, forecasting, supporting mobile work, and exploiting robotics stand out. Developing reporting and forecasting are especially important to Pulkkinen. "Efima is already producing great content into our financial reporting. Moving forward we're looking for even more speed and transparency. Good reporting is up-to-date and reliable and helps us to see far into the future", he concludes. 

Efima solutions
  • Well-functioning, countinuously developed, digital processes
  • Carefree operation
  • Focus on MPY's own business


MPY Palvelut Oyj is a Finnish expert organization focused on ICT services. It employs 130 ICT professionals. MPY offers services for both corporate and private customers, striving to provide the best customer experience in the industry. According to MPY better ICT means services that fit the customers' needs, and improve productivity and competitiveness.