Wholesale ERP-solution

Understanding the customer is at the core of wholesale

Efima offers a wholesale solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. We combine procurement and logistics with efficient and highly automated financial management.

Strong and modern

Businesses are competing in new channels and with new concepts. Real-time and accurate data is needed to make intelligent decisions and to provide electronic service concepts. At the core is the strong and modern foundation, an ERP system, which makes sure that the data needed for managing the business is always unified and up to date. In adddition, this data needs to enable efficient cooperation between different stakeholders. Web shops, mobile applications, and interfaces bring stakeholders seamlessly as a part of the core service processes.  

Why Efima ERP?

Seamless solution for understanding your customer

All the data related to the customers must be coherent. The customer service processes need to be seamless, whether it is a digital self-service process or a personal meeting. Connecting the customer information with modern information solutions offers a whole new way to keep track of your customer relationships and personalize services to meet the customers' individual needs.

From part optimization to managing the big picture

Traditional, siloed systems lead to part optimization of processes and functions. To understand organizational goals and optimize enterprise-level function, the information and the platform used need to be one a completely different level. Still, individual core processes cannot be forgotten – a modern platform must be agile and scalable.

Excellent usability from the warehouse to the office

The modern, browser-based solution is easy to learn and tailored to work perfectly in different use cases. In addition to a revamped user interface, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equipped with excellent mobile applications. The system is seamlessly integrated with the familiar Office applications that allow easy management and enrichment of business data. Efima ERP takes advantage of speech recognition and PowerApps add-ins designed to excel in specific situations.