Efima financial management

Financial management

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Every organization needs to be able to trust the information and knowledge its financial management produces.


Efficient, well-planned business processes as well as fit-for-purpose information systems are required to achieve this.


Fast, automated, and controlled financial management enables growth and future-proof control.

Efima provides software for ERP, financial management processes, budgeting and reporting.

Best-in-class cloud services

We deliver the best-in-class cloud services as you need them, either as separate solutions or as an integrated suite.

A total solution

Flexible cloud services can be taken into use with help from Efima's experts, either in stages while modernizing processes at the same time, or as part of a more extensive redefinition of processes. The best operating models combined with on-premises working ensure that the end result meets all your needs.

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Covering all financial processes, our outsourcing service is modular to give you flexibility and control.

We are here for you

You can outsource your entire financial management or just the aspects you want, and use our services on an ongoing basis or periodically. The service is system-independent — we can provide it either using our own or your in-house systems.

Outsourcing means efficiency

Efima Outsourcing gives mid-sized and large organizations an efficient outsourcing solution with high quality. The quality comes from carefully listening to your needs and understanding your business. Efficiency comes from process know-how, automation and market-leading solutions.

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Process development and automation leads to significant performance improvements.

Specialists in financial management

Corporate top management expects that financial management becomes a partner for strategic business management. CFOs need a bird's-eye view on the status of financial management as a basis for development. The quality of Efima's consulting services comes from a long experience in financial management and IT systems, as well as hybrid competencies. The services include financial management development in the form of management consulting, operational project services and business software consulting.

Proven tools and methods

In addition to solid expertise, Efima's successful development projects build on well thought-out tools and methods. They provide a robust framework for development while ensuring that objectives are met within the agreed timeframe and budget. Efima develops these methods on an ongoing basis.

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Case Mehiläinen
Outsourcing accounts payable processes led to extensive development work


The past few years at Mehiläinen, a company that recently celebrated its 111th anniversary, have been full of growth and development. The company has made dozens of acquisitions every year and become a nationwide pioneer in social welfare and health care services and one of Finland's largest private employers. Acquisitions and mergers have increased the workload of Mehiläinen’s financial management, and in 2018 the company decided to develop its financial management by outsourcing its accounts payable processes to Efima.

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Meet Aili – the mother of all software robots

Meet Aili – the mother of all software robots

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a solution to tasks that cannot be automated using traditional back-end solutions. We proudly present Aili, the robot that loves to work with routines. 

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Fit-for-purpose solutions

Stand on our shoulders from day one.

You can tap into our competencies and experience already at the RFP stage. We know what is important and what works—as well as what you should beware. We listen closely what you say and compile our suggestions and recommendations in a way that best serves your company's interest

In commissioning, success is the only alternative. When the system is in production, we focus on improving, optimizing and learning together.