Tapio Immonen is Efima's new Sales Director

Efima's new Sales Director Tapio Immonen has a comprehensive, 17-year experience within the ICT industry. He has now taken on the task of leading Efima to its next growth phase. Even from outside the company, Immonen saw the competence and the relaxed atmosphere of Efima and wanted to join the group.


Tapio Immonen, you are the new Sales Director, but who exactly are you?

I am a 43-year-old, relaxed father from Hyvinkää. We built our own house in Hyvinkää last year, and now we have strongly settled there. I spend my free time with my family and friends, and doing physical excercise.

Where do you come from?

Every morning from Hyvinkää, but in general from the ICT industry. I've worked for 17 years with customers as an expert, management, and leadership positions. Before joining Efima I spent 8,5 years with OpusCapita and before that another 8,5 years in different, smaller companies seeking fast growth and internationalization. 

Mention an event that has had a big impact on the kind of Sales Director Efima has selected.

I don't feel that any particular event has defined my way of working or my professional know-how. It is the experience and the views that come with it that provide me with the comprehensiveness you need in this industry. You need to be able to understand different industries and markets, and the business your customers are doing. 

What are your first impressions of Efima?

I had a very positive picture about the organizational culture and atmosphere in Efima. And now that I've started here, I can see I was right. 

You're now looking at Efima from the inside with a pair of fresh eyes. What do you see?

You'll quickly notice that the amazing organizational culture within Efima has not just emerged from somewhere, but has been chosen with a purpose from the very beginning and has been developed with care. This makes it more sustainable also when growth is strong. 

What was the greatest aspect that made you want to work for Efima?

I've been following Efima's development from the beginning as a partner and a competitor. I've always respected the customer -centricity, expertise, and the way of doing business that Efima has. The work that is done in Efima is so impressive that I wanted to be a part of it! 

Tapio Immonen, where are you going?

In April I will go the Microsoft Dynamics AX Community event in Amsterdam, and in the long run we are heading towards a new phase in Efima's growth story. 

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