Case Comptel/ERP Consistent processes support global operations

Case Comptel/ERP

Consistent processes support global operations

An ERP system acquired as a cloud service is a solid basis for consistent global processes according to Mikko Hytönen, CFO for Comptel. Trust in Efima's competence was strengthened during the implementation project which was pulled through in less than six months and below budget.

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Comptel is a global telecommunications company with customers in 85 countries. Its 2010 revenue amounted to 78 million euro. Comptel delivers project-based software, and linking the projects with the company’s financial processes and developing a financial management strategy to support international business are important efficiency improvements the company must make. In 2010, Comptel outsourced its purchase and travel invoice processes to Efima. Cost-efficiency improved, and the finance team got the opportunity to focus on business support. Various locations, however, were using different tools, and it was important to unify the financial software in use in order to unify global processes. Comptel decided to acquire a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for the entire company. It was logical to acquire the system as a cloud service.