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Efima textAI loves text and number data

Efima textAI is a solution that understands text and number-based data, which can be used to intelligentize several different processes and improve their operation.

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Efiman tekoälyosaajien luotsaamassa AI Kickstartissa tarjoamme konkretiaa tekoälyn käyttöönottoon.

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Palveluässä aims to stay at the forefront of intelligent automation technologies, says Aki Okkonen, Head of Shared Service Center at SOK.
↑ Palveluässä aims to stay at the forefront of intelligent automation technologies, says Aki Okkonen, Head of Shared Service Center at SOK.

Case SOK | Efima TextAI speeds up the processing of thousands of service requests at SOK's service center

SOK's Service Center, known as Palveluässä, is responsible for providing financial and payroll services to nearly the entire S-Group. It handles 50,000 to 60,000 service requests each month, which need to be sorted into the correct service queues before processing.

Sorting used to be a time-consuming and manual task, but today, the process is handled more intelligently and automatically through the use of Efima's artificial intelligence solution.

Case SOK


Efima textAI makes your operations smarter

Efima textAI is an artificial intelligence service developed especially for understanding and processing natural language, which also works excellently with text data in Finnish.

  • Classifying texts into the right categories or to the right person
  • Suggesting an answer to a question based on historical data or instruction documents
  • Analyzing the trends appearing in the text in relation to time
  • Analyzing the emotional tone of the text and the opinions appearing in the text
  • Chat solutions based on the customer's text data

Efima textAI makes your organization's everyday life easier

Artificial intelligence can be used to enhance and automate processes throughout the entire organization. Check out the examples below of using Efima tekstiÄly for various needs.

Markus Turunen

Smarter customer service

Efima textAI is a great helper for enhancing customer service and increasing the meaningfulness of work, for example in consumer customer service, financial administration service centers and other service center units.

Efima textAI is great with service requests:

  • Classification and routing
  • Assessment of emotional tone
  • Solution proposals
  • Generating model answers

Product information

Online and retail stores, as well as other companies that process product information, benefit from Efima textAI's ability to handle even huge masses of data effortlessly.

Uses related to product information typically include:

  • Searches related to product information
  • Generating model responses based on product data
  • Product information enrichment
  • Generation of marketing messages or online store product descriptions based on product information

Contract management

The operation of every business involves various contracts, which can take a lot of time to manage and utilize. Efima textAI enhances tasks related to contract management, such as:

  • Classification and analysis of contracts
  • Search for structured information, such as contract terms, from contract documents

Financial management

The everyday life of financial management includes many tasks that require reasoning, but are routine, for which Efima textAI is an excellent answer.

  • Reconciliation
  • Controls
  • Deviation detection
  • Sorting and processing of service requests
6-8 wk

quick implementation

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benefits from day one

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less manual work

Efima textAI is up and running in just a few weeks

Quick and easy implementation

The implementation of Efima textAI can be divided into two phases. In the first phase, Efima's experts will help you define artificial intelligence use cases, train personnel, and implement and test the artificial intelligence solution. In the second phase, the finished Efima textAI service will be put into use and the end users of the solution will be instructed on how to use it, after which the service will move to the scope of continuous support and development.

A risk-free and safe solution

The Efima textAI service is produced in the EU area, and the data is stored in the EU area within Microsoft's ISO27001 and SOC2 certified data centers. The data provided by the customer or the answers produced are never used for the training of general artificial intelligence models or the development of the service. In addition, service contracts are generally based on Finnish and EU legislation.

On the cutting edge of technology

Efima textAI utilizes the most advanced artificial intelligence technology designed for natural language processing. Our solutions are based on various artificial intelligence models based utilizing the latest Transformer neural networks, which can be trained for different tasks on a customer-specific basis. Our cloud-based platform and our continuous development work ensure that you, our customer, are always at the forefront of artificial intelligence development.

What is Efima textAI capable of?

Efima textAI is a solution that understands text and number-based data, which can be used to intelligentize several different processes and improve their operation.


Efima textAI is suitable for enhancing and automating text-based processes that require reasoning ability.

  • Classification of texts
  • Extracting information from text
  • Converting text into structured data
  • Analyzing the emotional tone of the text
  • Analysis of reports


Efima textAI can be used to process large masses of text and perform related searches.

  • Finding similar texts
  • Finding an answer to a question
  • Proposing a solution based on the text

Creative tasks

Efima tekstiÄly uses the most advanced generative artificial intelligence, thanks to which the service can also produce text and react to conversation.

  • Producing text for different needs
  • AI-based chat interfaces
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