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Today, the ERP system is a flexible entity that scales with the changing needs of your business. At Efima, we help your company find the right and most appropriate ERP solution for you, which will grow and develop with your business.

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Contact our experts and we will work together to find out what kind of ERP system would suit your company's individual needs.

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Inlook has also received support from Efima in creating an IT playbook: the playbook provides a framework for ongoing development of IT architecture.
↑ Inlook has also received support from Efima in creating an IT playbook: the playbook provides a framework for ongoing development of IT architecture.

Case Inlook | A pocket-sized ERP streamlines the daily lives of interior building specialists both in the field and in the office

Efima is responsible for maintaining and developing Inlook's ERP solution. The company's digital core, Microsoft Dynamics 365, integrates essential business processes for Inlook, including sales, procurement, financial management, inventory management, logistics, and project management, along with the data generated from these processes, into a single business platform. In collaboration with Efima, mobile applications based on Microsoft Power Apps have also been built within the ERP solution, allowing Inlook employees working in the field to conveniently access the ERP system.

Case Inlook

We support you at every stage of your ERP journey

Before selecting a system

ERP is one of the most important core systems for many companies. Therefore, choosing the right technology and carefully planning the solution is paramount. Efima's professionals will support you even before the system is implemented, so you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

During the selection and implementation

We have carefully selected modern, cloud-based technology platforms, on the basis of which we will build an efficient and fit-for-purpose ERP solution for you. We work closely together with you to implement the ERP and ensure that you are ready to reap all the benefits of the new system.

And as your trusted partner along the way

Cloud-based solutions are constantly evolving and updating. We will continue to be your development partner after the implementation of the system. We will support your own staff with updates and bring you all the understanding gathered from our experts and other customers.

You will find modern, cloud-based technology platforms here

Our goal is to always offer our customers the right solution for their business needs. In terms of ERP, our selection includes cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Unit4 ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete business solution for large and medium-sized businesses that is delivered primarily as a cloud service. The system brings together the company's most important information and goods flows and automates the core business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unit4 ERP

Unit4 ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution developed especially for the needs of the project-based and service business. The modern, intuitive interface and flexible architecture combine into an ERP solution that easily adapts to the individual needs of your company.

Unit4 ERP
Efima is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner
Efima Unit4 Premier Partner 2023

Boost your ERP investment with these solutions

Customization with apps  

Add new functionality and customize your ERP with tailor-made business application instead of modifying the core system itself.

Intelligent automation  

Intelligent automation brings together different automation technologies. When traditional process automation is not enough.

Data and analytics  

We help you manage the vital data of your business, keep it moving smoothly, and turn it into information that truly supports your business.


With integrations, you ensure that important information for your business flows seamlessly between all the various IT systems and business applications you use.

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Kai Lyytinen

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