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Put customer first with the help of technology

Manufacturing companies are at the meeting point of several forces of change. We are moving from production-oriented processes to service-oriented business models that consider the entire customer's life cycle. At the same time, more and more measures aimed at increasing productivity, cost efficiency and responsibility are required.

Modern technology meets the changing business needs of manufacturing companies and serves as a source of competitive advantage.

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Data and cloud services at the digital heart of manufacturing

Highly optimized and automated processes. Timely and reliable information to support decision-making. Responsible and sustainable business. Producing added value for the end customer. The digital heart beating at the core of the manufacturing company brings a solution to all of these.



Increasing productivity is one of the most important goals of production companies, which modern technology offers various means to achieve. Automation brings efficiency and cost savings, which in turn enable better competitiveness in the global market. In addition, today's technology platforms help to optimize production processes, e.g. through data utilization and best practices.

Data-driven decision making

The operations of manufacturing companies are constantly generating huge amounts of data, and modern technology brings all this information to support decision-making. With the help of data, production can be planned and optimized more accurately and efficiently than before. Various changes can be predicted better, and important business information can be shared more easily with important partners, such as equipment and material suppliers and subcontractors. The data accumulated on one platform helps to develop customer- and product-specific profitability.


Data and technology support the development of operations to become even more responsible, when a unified business platform makes available the data generated in different processes. The traceability of operations extends all the way down to the raw material level, which enables the implementation of more sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. Responsibility is also essentially related to the data security of the solutions used, which is ensured by many different means on modern technology platforms.

Added value for the customer

Ultimately, the goal of manufacturing companies is to create value for their customers. Data and modern cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, help create a new kind of added value and service-oriented business for customers. Customers can be offered increasingly personalized products and services, while production efficiency and customer-specific profitability can be optimized.

We help create a digital heart that suits your needs

The careful selection of the right partner and the technologies that form the digital heart of your company is of paramount importance. Efima's professionals will support you from start to finish, so you can be confident that you have made the right choice.

Cloud-based business platforms  

Modern, cloud-based business platforms enhance the everyday life of a production company and automate business processes.

Data, reporting and integrations  

The production company's business-critical information must be up-to-date, move seamlessly between different systems and be usable to support decision-making.

Low-code applications  

We offer easy-to-use and agilely developed solutions to make your company's business and people's everyday work more efficient.

AI's possibilities  

With the help of artificial intelligence, even more complex processes can be automated and even completely new possibilities for generating value can be found.

Intelligent automation  

When standard process automation is not enough, you can find a suitable solution for your company's needs in intelligent automation tools.

Luvata Pori, which manufactures copper products, has a new ERP solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.
↑ Luvata Pori, which manufactures copper products, has a new ERP solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

News | Luvata trusts Efima with renewing its ERP solution

Luvata Pori, which manufactures copper products, renews its ERP solution together with Efima. The delivered overall solution cuts across business processes, and the goal of the project is to support Luvata's business orientation by ensuring that the solution develops nimbly even when the strategy changes. During the project, a sustainable foundation for the development of operations will be created, and the IT system architecture will be clarified and modernized, where the processes have been time-consuming and manual, and no longer support the business.

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Lumon's CEO Jussi Kinnunen is satisfied with the partnership with Efima
↑ Lumon's CEO Jussi Kinnunen is satisfied with the partnership with Efima

Case Lumon | Europe's most extensive Dynamics 365 implementation supports international growth

Lumon, known for its balcony glasses, chose Efima as its partner to replace its outdated ERP system. Now a modern and cloud-based digital heart beats at the core of Lumon's operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Efima Layer extension, which was developed to complement the standard functionalities of D365, serve as the basis for a unified and seamless whole.

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