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Logistiikka ja varastonhallinta
Logistiikka ja varastonhallinta

Logistics is a competitive advantage

Omni-channel commerce, external market forces and rapid changes in operating environments create needs for material flows in logistics. Changes in the expectations of both consumer and business customers set new requirements for the operation and efficiency of the supply chain.

Modern technology brings a solution to logistics challenges and serves as a source of competitive advantage at its best.

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Bring your supply chain today with a modern business platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive platform for the entire supply chain. The whole includes all the necessary features throughout the entire production and supply chain, not forgetting the highly optimized internal logistics and warehouse management.

Fork lift operator preparing products for shipment

Impeccable intralogistics

The Dynamics 365 platform and its Warehouse Management (WMS) module offer comprehensive internal logistics and warehouse management capabilities. The solution can be parameterized to the needs of the company using it and includes all the necessary mobile functionalities as standard. The built-in interfaces for controlling external material handling systems enable an even more comprehensive range of different solutions for e.g. voice control and warehouse automation.

Efficient supply chain

Guaranteeing the availability of raw materials and products and reliability of supply are important sources of competitive advantage. In addition, internal efficiency and the ability to handle a wide variety of material flows create the ingredients for success. When customers demand more and more "ultra fresh" deliveries, i.e. products on the store shelf as soon as possible, the requirement is a seamlessly efficient supply chain.

Dynamics 365 enables efficient logistics processes and offers a real-time visibility through the entire supply chain, right up to financial management and reporting. Thanks to the centralized sources of data and unified data model, there is only one truth about the data behind all key business processes.

Cost-effective and sustainable choice

Highly automated processes and the optimization of stock circulation enabled by real-time information help keep business costs under control. With the more efficient use of resources, waste and harmful emissions can be reduced, which contributes to the pursuit of an even more sustainable business. In addition, the modern D365 WMS covers all requirements for occupational safety and traceability.

Dynamics 365 WMS is full of benefits

Dynamics 365 WMS covers all supply chain management and logistics needs. The solution is also seamlessly connected to other applications of the Dynamics 365 business platform, which together form the digital heart that gathers the vital information, goods and resource flows of your company.


Better intralogistics

Dynamics 365 WMS includes several functionalities that enhance internal logistics and warehouse management processes. The solution enables e.g. automation of receiving, shelving, picking and sending goods. The amount of manual work decreases and the satisfaction of your employees increases.

Less room for errors

The comprehensive mobile functionalities of Dynamics 365 WMS, such as all the necessary control points, traditional barcode reading and other automatic identification technologies, as well as process automation reduce the risk of errors and improve the accuracy and quality of processing warehouse transactions, orders and deliveries.

More satisfied customers

Improved security of supply, order processing reliability and shorter delivery times lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More responsible business

Seamless, real-time data throughout the entire supply chain supports responsible business. Whether it's about developing product traceability, minimizing wastage, or improving work safety in the warehouse, Dynamics 365 WMS offers ample opportunities to develop more responsible and sustainable operations.

Manage with knowledge

Real-time visibility into logistics and warehouse management functions helps to make better decisions and respond to changing customer needs rapidly. Dynamics 365 WMS provides full transparency into the product's journey from the manufacturer to the store shelf and every step in between. This creates completely new opportunities to optimize operations.

Dynamics 365 is at the heart of Lumon's operations throughout the supply chain
↑ Dynamics 365 is at the heart of Lumon's operations throughout the supply chain

Lumon | Europe's most extensive Dynamics 365 implementation supports international growth

Lumon, a company known for its balcony glazings, terrace glass walls, blinds and balcony facades, has grown from a small, family-owned business in Finland into a globally recognized brand. When Lumon's antiquated ERP system was becoming an obstacle for growth, the company decided to selected the modern, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be the driving force behind its operations. Efima was chosen as the implementation partner due to the company's desire to achieve the ambitious goals that had been set for the project.

Case Lumon

LogXellence runs its operations with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system
↑ LogXellence runs its operations with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system

LogXellence | Food logistics challenger LogXellence acquires an enterprise resource planning system from Efima

LogXellence chose Efima as its partner for the collaboration, which includes a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for the operational management of a food logistics company. The core of the delivery is the warehouse management system (WMS). The advanced overall solution uses artificial intelligence and supports the seamless and modern control needed in food logistics and 3PL (3rd party logistics).

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