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Take a leap to the era of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence already surpasses humans in many tasks – and therefore has enormous potential. Utilizing machine learning to identify people’s needs and feelings and improve the usability of your own service or product will help your business create significant added value for your customers.

Smarter processes

Contact our experts and we will work together to find out how artificial intelligence can best serve your business.

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Palveluässä aims to stay at the forefront of intelligent automation technologies, says Aki Okkonen, Head of Shared Service Center at SOK.
↑ Palveluässä aims to stay at the forefront of intelligent automation technologies, says Aki Okkonen, Head of Shared Service Center at SOK.

Case SOK | Efima TextAI speeds up the processing of thousands of service requests at SOK's service center

SOK's Service Center, known as Palveluässä, is responsible for providing financial and payroll services to nearly the entire S-Group. It handles 50,000 to 60,000 service requests each month, which need to be sorted into the correct service queues before processing.

Sorting used to be a time-consuming and manual task, but today, the process is handled more intelligently and automatically through the use of Efima's artificial intelligence solution.

Case SOK

Artificial intelligence improves existing processes and finds new opportunities

Find solutions and new opportunities

Artificial intelligence can be used to find solutions to the core challenges of your business or to find completely new opportunities. Processing data into information using intelligent technologies enables the enrichment and acceleration of existing processes. We will help you move forward in identifying the possibilities of AI and implementing solutions in your particular business area.

↑ For example, Efima textAI can suggest answers based on the topics they identify

Efima textAI is the best friend for your text data

Efima textAI is a solution that understands Finnish text and can be used to perform various tasks. Below are examples of different processes in which Efima textAI can assist you:

  • Finding similar texts in large material
  • Identifying the right expert based on a problem in the text
  • Sort text to the right person or entity
  • Retrieve different trends in the selected time period
  • Analyzing the emotional tone of a text

The artificial intelligence behind Efima textAI is trained on a customer-by-customer basis, and its performance is directly proportional to the amount and quality of customer data.

Artificial intelligence supports your business

AI can be utilized in a variety of roles throughout an organization. We collected below a few examples of AI in different situations and businesses.


Financial management

  • Identification of anomalous documents or invoices
  • Predicting the coding and correct approval workflows of purchase invoices
  • Automated processing of purchase invoices
  • Predicting the number of purchase invoices
  • Automated grouping of documents related to financial management

Customer service

  • Producing personalized customer experiences
  • Speed ​​up and automate customer service processes
  • Forecasting customer needs
  • Predicting customer satisfaction
  • Anticipation of customer solutions


  • Quality assurance with image and video data
  • Intelligence e-commerce
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Predicting delivery times
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction on e.g. product or campaign level

Warehouse management and logistics

  • Predicting the duration of logistical processes
  • Predicting error situations
  • Identifying and removing process bottlenecks
  • Modeling and monitoring resource allocation and usage
  • Optimizing warehouse layout

Predictive analytics

  • Time series prediction
  • Forecasting events or trends
  • Data controllability in business
  • Optimizing relevant choices
  • Simulating alternative scenarios


  • Predicting maintenance needs
  • Detection of anomalies
  • Identification of defective components
  • Occupancy forecasting
  • Automate the processing of maintenance requests

Take a leap into smarter business by leveraging artificial intelligence

AI can solve business problems, find new opportunities, and bring intelligence into your business processes in ways not previously possible.


A step ahead

For individualized customer experiences, the customer's needs must be identified as accurately as possible. Artificial intelligence is able to learn complex dependencies between different variables in the data, which makes it more accurate to predict, for example, the customer's needs or the next stage of the process. With AI, you are always one step ahead in delivering an excellent customer experience.

Make use of your data

There are numerous processes in organizations that make little use of existing data. For example, customer service rarely utilizes documentation from previous customer service situations to quickly find suitable solutions. Artificial intelligence can be brought to support human decision-making or linked to a process to infer its next steps.

Intelligent processes

Artificial intelligence already outperforms a physician in certain radiological tasks, such as the diagnosis of pneumonia. Thus, similar accuracy can be sought in any industry when the quantity and quality of data are in order. AI can be consulted anytime, anywhere, and there is no need to wait for an answer.

We help you bring intelligence to your business from start to finish

Efima's AI team is always at your disposal from identifying processes suitable for AI, to building, training and implementing machine learning models. At the same time, we ensure that we transfer our know-how to your staff and actively bring up suggestions for new development opportunities.


We help identify opportunities for AI

Whether you are an active adopter of artificial intelligence or someone who has just jumped on board, we will help you map out suitable targets for artificial intelligence. Together, we evaluate the feasibility and profitability of the solution through a systematic framework.

We'll find solutions together

We will assist you in assessing the artificial intelligence maturity and readiness of your organization or team, and provide related training. You can also approach our artificial intelligence team with a specific business challenge, for which we work together to find solutions through machine learning technologies.

We make your processes intelligent

We specialize in processing Finnish text and offer consulting for natural language processing using the Efima textAI we have developed. In addition, we provide AI services for existing robotic process automation (RPA) implementations.

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