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Behind the efficiency of the energy sector

Companies in the energy sector are moving forward in a changing operating environment. Reliable core systems and processes, the utilization of data in business, and appropriate support functions, are prerequisites for efficiency and operational reliability and provide the opportunity to focus on what is essential.

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Sustainable conditions for companies in the energy sector

Digital tools, highly refined processes and efficient utilization of data support the operations of companies in the energy sector. At Efima, we know the characteristics of the energy industry and help our customers move forward on their digitalization journey.

Wind turbines stand above wintry farmland in northern Illinois (roadside view)

Core systems

Modern and cloud-based technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer companies in the energy sector a strong digital core that brings together the vital information, money and resource flows of the business. A reliable and constantly updated core system supports business growth far into the future.


Contracting, installation, service, maintenance – project-based operations are commonplace for companies in the energy sector. Digital solutions make everyday life easier and give employees the right tools to perform their tasks.

For example, the Project App we developed makes the creation of projects in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations system more efficient, and the Contracting Work App makes it easy to manage contracting work, such as maintenance and installations, and their basic information.

Data and insights

Data is an important asset of companies in the energy sector, on the basis of which the information produced works best as a driving force for business. With a unified data platform such as Microsoft Fabric, you manage and bring your data together and turn it into insights that truly support your business and decision-making.

Supporting functions

Efficient financial management gives companies in the energy sector the opportunity to focus on developing their own core business. Modern financial management software automates several previously manual work steps and frees financial professionals' time to support the business. Financial management services can be used to fix momentary resource needs, or the financial management processes can be handed over completely to a competent partner. We at Efima are familiar with the differentiated income statement and balance sheet of companies operating in the energy sector, as well as the special characteristics related to electrical grid investments.

Intelligent automation solutions, such as artificial intelligence, can bring efficiency to processes throughout the organization. For example, in customer service, artificial intelligence can automatically sort incoming service requests into the right queues, and a desktop robot brings the necessary information to the customer service representative in the blink of an eye from several different systems.

Caruna's financial management processes were built together from the beginning.
↑ Caruna's financial management processes were built together from the beginning.

Case Caruna | A developing partner feels like part of your own team

When the electricity transmission company Caruna was founded in 2014, it started with a clean slate. The situation was especially seen as an opportunity to build an organization whose operations have been thought out down to the last detail in accordance with the company's needs. Caruna found the right partner in Efima, with whom the financial processes and working methods could be built from the beginning to support the company's business in the best possible way. Efima was also seen as an expert who, in addition to daily work, participates in the development of Caruna's financial management as part of the partnership.

Case Caruna

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