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Data and analytics – harness your business information for real use

Businesses are constantly generating a huge amount of data that can be transformed into information that guides business and decision-making. We support your company's data needs – whether it's connecting your applications with integrations, storing, managing and editing data on a data platform, or leveraging data to support decision-making through modern reporting and forecasting.

Take control of your data

Contact our experts and we will work together to find out how your business data can be used to support your business goals.

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Get the most out of your business data

We help you manage the vital data of your business, keep it moving smoothly, and turn it into information that truly supports your business.


Keep your data moving with integrations

Integrations ensure that data flows seamlessly between your company’s various information systems and business applications and is always available wherever it is needed. Integrations also help you avoid situations where data would have to be transferred and entered into different systems manually, so that the quality of the data does not suffer from, for example, human errors.

Manage your data on a data platform

Modern data platforms help you collect, store, manage, process, analyze and share information in one central location. Where integrations typically build the flow of information between two systems, the data platform can process information generated by several different systems simultaneously and then distribute it for use in, for example, a reporting solution or artificial intelligence.

Lead your business with insight

Ultimately, all data and information should support your day-to-day decision-making and business goals. This is aided by modern reporting and forecasting solutions, i.e. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that transform data into a visual and easy-to-understand format. When the data model behind the analytics is carefully built, the BI solution makes the data truly available to anyone who needs it.

The right tools for managing and utilizing information

We provide you with market-leading tools and technologies to collect, store, manage and utilize your company's information.

Microsoft Power BI  

Microsoft Power BI is an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool for modern reporting and forecasting. It turns data into information and data into action.

Azure Data Platform  

With Azure Data Platform, you manage and bring your data together and turn it into information that truly supports your business.


With integrations, you ensure that important information for your business flows seamlessly between all the various IT systems and business applications you use.

Efima Integration Layer  

The integration platform we have developed brings your cloud and local applications together and scales indefinitely with the growth and changing needs of your business.

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