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Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform gives your business the keys to creating business solutions efficiently. Power Platform technologies such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI enable the development of agile business applications and automation that streamlines existing processes to support your business goals.

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Efima is Finland's leading Microsoft Power Platform partner

We offer a unique combination of a strong understanding of business processes and years of experience working with ERP systems. When you are looking for a partner who understands ERPs particularly well, we are the right choice for your business.

Award-winning Power Platform expertise

Efima is Microsoft's 2022 Power Platform Partner of the Year in Finland. Our Power Platform team is specialized in enhancing the functionality and performance of financial management and ERP systems using low-code development. We have produced more than 50 Power Platform solutions for our customers' needs, which currently serve a total of more than 2000 end users.

We deeply understand ERP systems

Efima's Power Platform team has unmatched experience with solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP platform as well as Azure Data Platform. In addition, we also build solutions for a wide range of other ERP platforms and business software. We bring our strong ERP, financial management and business process expertise to your use.

Tokmanni's Timo Keskelin ja Toni Eriksson consider Power Platform to be a viable option to more traditional software development
↑ Tokmanni's Timo Keskelin ja Toni Eriksson consider Power Platform to be a viable option to more traditional software development

Case Tokmanni | Managing opening hours with Microsoft Power Apps

Finland's largest discount store chain, Tokmanni, is known for its diverse product range and prices that are always affordable. Opening hours are a key part of Tokmanni's service, and Tokmanni has traditionally spent a lot of resources on managing the entire store network's opening hours and communicating the changes to various stakeholders. After mapping out the alternatives, Tokmanni decided to choose a Microsoft Power Apps solution tailored to their needs.

Case Tokmanni

Microsoft Power Platform technologies

Power Apps  

Power Apps makes it possible to create business applications for both simple and complex needs. The possibilities are endless and often limited only by our creativity and available data sources.

Power Automate  

Power Automate controls data flows between more than 400 applications. Automation can be brought to tasks that have previously been error-prone, inconvenient and time-consuming.

Power BI  

Power BI is the market leader in modern reporting and forecasting. Power BI makes it easy to create visually appealing, interactive reports by combining data from multiple sources.

Agile development with Microsoft Power Platform

We provide solutions for developing your business with Microsoft Power Platform's low-code technologies easily and cost-effectively.


Efficient tools under one platform

Power Platform works seamlessly with other Microsoft business applications and technologies, such as Azure and Dynamics 365. In addition, hundreds of ready-made subscriptions give you access to data from third-party applications.

Cost-efficient and modern integrations

Efima utilizes e.g. Microsoft Power Platform Connectors, Azure Connectors, and Dynamics 365 Dual Write and Virtual Entity technologies. Modern integration tools offer many advantages over traditional interfaces, such as cost savings and reliability.

For professionals and citizen developers

For software development professionals, Power Platform provides a modern, efficient and scalable platform for demanding and complex solutions. In addition, Power Platform provides easy-to-use tools to help avid citizen developers get started quickly.

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