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Process and development consulting

Concretize your development potential

The quality of Efima's consulting services is based on solid experience and hybrid expertise in financial management and business processes as well as information systems. With the experience of more than 100 customers, we help you to develop the processes and overall architecture that support your company's business and to identify, for example, suitable targets for the utilization of intelligent automation.

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Efima has helped Caruna to develop its financial management processes since 2014
↑ Efima has helped Caruna to develop its financial management processes since 2014

Case Caruna | A developing partner feels like part of your own team

When the electricity transmission company Caruna was founded in 2014, it started its operations from scratch. The situation was seen in particular as an opportunity to build an organization whose operations have been thought down to the last detail according to the company's needs. Caruna found the right partner for this from Efima, with whom financial processes and working methods could be built from the beginning to support the company's business in the best possible way. Efima was also seen as an expert who, in addition to doing day-to-day work, is involved in developing Caruna’s financial management as part of the partnership.

Case Caruna

Efima combines strong expertise in business processes and information systems

Process development brings efficiency gains

By developing processes and operations, significant performance improvements, better quality and cost savings can be achieved. We have completed more than 100 financial management and business process development projects in Finnish organizations with exceptionally good results.

Consulting ensures the best decisions

Efima's process consultants are Finland's leading experts in the development of financial management and business processes. We bring all the knowledge we have accumulated to you and promise to challenge the status quo and established practices. Functional fit-for-purpose processes are at our heart.

Development with experience from more than 100 projects

We have already helped more than 100 Finnish companies develop their financial management and business processes. You will have access to the experience we have gained along the way. It's easier for you to develop with a knowledgeable partner.


We investigate

We ask and we listen to truly understand the unique characteristics of your business. We bring the experience of our experts to you and investigate where any pain points are and where they are coming from. Our development consulting covers more than just processes, as influential factors include people and organization, systems used, and data quality.

We identify

Based on an in-depth investigation, we identify the areas for development that are necessary and appropriate for you. With us, you can trust that everything we do is based our desire to serve and help our customers grow and develop.

We develop

As a result of development consulting, we offer concrete tools and measures for process development. You will have access to a clear development plan and proposals, descriptions of goal status, and tools for implementing change in your organization.

Our way of developing is engaging and inclusive, and we involve the right people in your organization as part of the planning process. The actual development work begins when the development plan is completed. And we will help you even then: we assist you with change management and we are committed to be your development partner well into the future.

We're with you on your digital journey

The transition to cloud is above all a digital transformation of the business, where the need for change in the business has been identified. Change is a socio-technical entity whose effects extend through both business and technology, and at the same time require agility based on data.

We guide you forward

During your digital journey, we help you take steps forward and develop your architecture from business to technology. At the moment of change, we help you think before you do. We'll talk when you need someone to bounce ideas with. For example, ERP cloud migration, data-driven architecture, and digitalization of financial management are topics of change where our experts are available to you.

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In addition to developing financial management and business processes, you will find leading professionals at Efima who will help you with e.g. in intelligent automation solutions or in the day-to-day activities of your company's financial management.

Intelligent automation  

Intelligent Automation brings together different automation technologies from RPA to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Financial management services  

Our digital financial management services cover all financial processes, from the processing of purchase invoices to accounting.

Machine learning and AI  

Machine learning and AI can be used to automate processes more widely than ever before.

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