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Microsoft Fabric – a comprehensive data and analytics platform

Microsoft Fabric includes services for reading in, storing, processing and enriching data, analysis and AI-assisted understanding, shaping data models and visualizing data.

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Microsoft Fabric brings data and analytics together

Modern tools in one package

Microsoft Fabric differs from previous solutions by packaging all the data and analytics tools a company needs on one unified platform. Thanks to comprehensive and seamlessly integrated tools, the focus can be shifted to understanding and processing data, managing with information and using data.

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At Efima, you will find practical experience in connecting data platforms and large-scale Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions, as well as strong in-depth knowledge of data models related to the solutions. We have also developed ready-made data models for different areas of the economy. We help create an appropriate cloud-based solution package that enables the company's high-quality data to be used now and in the future.

Microsoft Fabric SaaS-1
↑ Microsoft Fabric brings data and analytics services together.

Manage data and support support decision-making

Microsoft Fabric enables the management, processing and utilization of the organization's data from a single, unified and secure platform.

User-centric tools

Microsoft Fabric gives your organization the keys to true data management. Easy-to-use tools allow even non-technical users to get the most out of the data.

Better productivity

Fabric brings efficiency to data processing and analysis. Tasks that previously would have required the work of large data teams are now possible for virtually all users.

Flexible scalability

With Microsoft Fabric, your organization is not locked into a specific, predefined solution. Fabric scales flexibly according to your changing needs and budget.

Seamless collaboration

The time of siloed data and units is over. Microsoft Fabric facilitates collaboration in data-related projects across team, unit and organizational boundaries.

Data security

The information used by your company is always safe and complies with the prevailing regulations, because information security and management models are built into the DNA of Microsoft Fabric.

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