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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) is a complete business solution for large and medium-sized businesses that is delivered primarily as a cloud service. Dynamics 365 brings together all your information, goods and transaction flows and automates financial and production processes. The cloud-based D365 scales with your business and is continuously updated with new features.

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Dynamics 365 is at the heart of Lumon's operations throughout the supply chain
↑ Dynamics 365 is at the heart of Lumon's operations throughout the supply chain

Case Lumon | Europe's most extensive Dynamics 365 implementation supports international growth

Lumon, a company known for its balcony glazings, terrace glass walls, blinds and balcony facades, has grown from a small, family-owned business in Finland into a globally recognized brand. When Lumon's antiquated ERP system was becoming an obstacle for growth, the company decided to selected the modern, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be the driving force behind its operations. Efima was chosen as the implementation partner due to the company's desire to achieve the ambitious goals that had been set for the project.

Case Lumon

Your knowledgeable Microsoft Dynamics partner

We truly understand your business and combine that understanding with our solid experience in Microsoft Dynamics systems delivered from the cloud.

Efima is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner
Efima is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner Specialist in Finance Applications

Finland's leading Dynamics team

At Efima, you will find Finland's leading expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 based solutions for your company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management needs. We've completed a wide variety of successful D365 implementations in Finland – as evidenced by our satisfied Dynamics customers.

Your trusted ERP partner

We understand your company's individual business and offer a fit-for-purpose solution to support it. We will also not leave our customers alone after the implementation of the new system, but will invest in genuine partnership and continuous development.

Pioneer in digital business

We have been delivering ERP solutions from the cloud for over 10 years and have developed our own extensions to improve Dynamics 365 for our Finnish and European customers. In 2020 Microsoft awarded us with the Digitalization Partner of the Year award. We bring all the insights and expertise we've gathered along the way to you. So that your business can focus on the essentials.

Why Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together everything you need for efficient control and management of your company's business.

Your digital heart

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the digital heart of your business – a strong and reliable core that brings together all the essential data and transaction flows and makes sure they stay in motion. The digital heart is in one way a platform that contains the crucial business logic on top of which you can build other business applications that meet you specific needs.

Automated and efficient

Dynamics 365 enables automation of business processes. Automation not only increases the efficiency of your operations but also helps you reduce costs and errors. In addition, the system lets you manage all of your locations and business functions, such as sales, procurement, logistics and warehouse management, within a single view.

Scalable cloud service

Dynamics 365 ERP system is primarily delivered from the cloud. Located within Microsoft own Azure cloud, the solution can be scaled according to the changing needs of your business. With cloud, system upgrades are effortless and integrations with other business applications and add-ons are easy to establish and maintain.

Comprehensive ecosystem

Dynamics 365 ERP connects seamlessly with other business and office software that are part of Microsoft's ecosystem. For instance, Microsoft Office 365 integrates with the ERP allowing you to work with all the familiar tools. In addition, you can expand your Dynamics ERP with a multitude of third party add-ons available on Microsoft's AppSource marketplace.

User-friendly business solution

The era of bad user experiences and user interfaces is over. Dynamics 365 finally brings the user experience we're used to as consumers to the world of business software. The user-friendly system feels fresh and unified on any device, anytime, anywhere. With Dynamics 365, you don't have to struggle with cumbersome software – the software supports work making it more efficient than before.

A solution that evolves

Dynamics 365 ERP provided by Efima is a carefree option for your organization. The Software-as-a-Service solution is delivered from Microsoft's Azure cloud, and Efima's leading experts take care of your support and maintenance needs. The cloud-based software is updated regularly, giving you access to the most up-to-date features on the market.

Enhance your Dynamics system with solutions developed by Efima

We brought together our vast experience with Microsoft Dynamics and developed extensions that support and streamline the system.

Efima Layer  

Efima Layer is an extension that streamlines D365's processes and adapts it to meet specific Finnish and European requirements.

Efima Integration Layer  

Efima Integration Layer is a scalable integration platform for companies that want to bring their cloud applications and local applications together.

Business Applications  

Let us enhance your ERP system and alleviate process bottlenecks with a low-code app tailored to your specific needs.

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