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04.04.2024 | Artificial intelligence frees up more time for care work – Attendo, Efima, and Microsoft collaborate on new solutions

Attendo_tiedote_kuvitus Efima's solution allows caregivers to focus more on what matters – interacting with residents.
↑ Efima's solution allows caregivers to focus more on what matters – interacting with residents.
04.04.2024 | In response to the long-standing workforce shortage in the care sector, solutions are being sought to ease care work using AI-based technologies. Efima has designed a new AI solution for Attendo’s care homes, leveraging Efima’s own TextAI product and Microsoft technologies. This enables care workers to verbally record their notes, freeing up time for interacting with residents. As the content of these notes becomes richer, their quality also improves.

From manual documentation to real-time speech recognition in care work

Finnish digital company Efima has created an AI solution for Attendo that utilizes Microsoft’s speech recognition technology and the Azure OpenAI language model. This solution significantly reduces the time spent on documentation and enhances its quality. Until now, care workers have devoted a significant portion of their work hours to manual notetaking. With the new solution, care workers can dictate their entries in real-time, for example using their phones.

According to Sami Sipiläinen, Efima’s Customer and Service Director, the benefits of this solution are substantial: “Speech recognition allows for real-time, accurate, and faster note-taking. This enables better utilization of high-quality data in care work, allowing caregivers to focus more on what matters – interacting with residents.”

The AI solution is designed to ensure secure and confidential handling of resident information. Final entries are always approved by the caregiver before being transferred into the system.

Collaborative development with care staff

Smooth daily operations in care homes and residents’ ability to lead fulfilling lives are strategic goals for Attendo. In 2023, Attendo wanted to explore technology’s potential to improve life in care homes. At the project’s outset, Efima and Microsoft visited Attendo Vuoripirtti to meet with care home staff, observe their work, and discuss how technology could address the challenges of care work. Several development opportunities were identified, with streamlining manual documentation rising to the top. A technology solution tailored to these needs was developed in close collaboration with Efima and Vuoripirtti staff. The goal is for Vuoripirtti’s caregivers to pilot this solution in practical care work by spring 2024.

“Adopting this new way of documenting is truly a significant improvement in nursing work. We’ve been part of the development process with an innovative approach, and the new technological solutions haven’t added extra stress for Attendo staff. In fact, those less accustomed to using computers are eagerly anticipating this upgrade”, says Niina Suvanto, Director of Attendo Vuoripirtti.

“Without our caregivers’ commitment, we wouldn’t have achieved such positive results. We successfully created a technology solution that makes their work smoother and more meaningful – without adding extra devices or systems,” rejoices Jukka-Pekka Luhanko, CIO of Attendo.

Technology as a response to the care workforce shortage

The healthcare sector, like other areas of social and healthcare, faces a workforce shortage. Over the coming years, a significant portion of professionals in the field will be retiring, coinciding with the increasing need for elderly care due to an aging population. Technologies that free up time from administrative tasks in healthcare offer part of the solution to this challenge.

The solution leverages Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI and Power Platform cloud services, with Microsoft supporting Efima and Attendo in this project. “Artificial intelligence development has taken significant strides forward in a short time, and our speech recognition technology is now at a level where it can bring real value to businesses. The collaboration between Efima and Attendo exemplifies how technology can help address societal challenges”, comments Janne Suominen, Microsoft’s Sales Lead for Low-Code Solutions.

More information

Efima, Customer and Service Director Sami Sipiläinen, +358 40 078 9992

Attendo, CIO Jukka-Pekka Luhanko, +358 40 162 4756

Microsoft Finland, Communications Lead Pekka Isosomppi, +358 40 516 2399  

About Efima

Efima is a Finnish digital company that supports and enhances the business operations of large and medium-sized enterprises through cloud-based financial management, enterprise resource planning, and intelligent automation solutions. People, collaboration, and partnership are at the core of their approach.

About Attendo

Attendo is Finland’s leading private provider of welfare services, partnering with public care services in well-being areas. Attendo operates approximately 430 care and service homes in Finland, offering care, rehabilitation, housing services, as well as meal and cleaning services to around 12,000 Finnish residents. Additionally, Attendo provides therapy services such as physiotherapy and speech therapy, and collaborates with well-being areas in child protection. Their values guide all of Attendo’s activities: competence, commitment, and care.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is an enabler of digital transformation in the era of intelligent cloud and connected smart devices. Their mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.