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Modern commerce across all channels

Customers' expectations of the shopping experience are higher than ever before. Transactions should be smooth and feel familiar both online and in stores. Your company’s staff also expects store, inventory and order management to be easy to use and automatically help them anticipate future demand. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is the answer to the needs of modern commerce.

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We’ve been delivering Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 as cloud services since Efima was founded – even before Microsoft took its business applications to the cloud. With more than 10 years of experience, we know Dynamics thoroughly, and as our customer, you have access to all the know-how we have accumulated along the way.

Combination of business and systems expertise

We truly understand our customers' business and its challenges and opportunities. Only in this way can we ensure that we always offer the most fit-for-purpose solution for the individual needs of your company. We dare to challenge the norm and are actively involved in making your business processes even more efficient.

Halonen and Carlson are switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce
↑ Halonen and Carlson are switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

News | Halonen and Carlson choose Efima to implement their new unified commerce solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Two Finnish sister companies, fashion store Veljekset Halonen Oy and department store and hardware store chain Oy Carlson, are taking a significant leap towards more multi-channel, digital customer experience by upgrading their current commerce solution to a modern, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce solution. Efima was selected to implement the new digital heart of Halonen and Carlson.

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Miksi Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is at the heart of omnichannel commerce. The system brings your company's vital information about customers, stores, warehouses and online shopping together and ensures that the information is updated in real time. With Commerce, you ensure your business is ready to deliver a great and consistent customer experience, regardless of channel, location, or time of day.

For in-store work, D365 Commerce brings relief in many ways. Commerce's fully integrated POS system includes all the functionality your store staff needs in everyday life – in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand package. Your customers get a better service experience when all the information they need is available to your store staff and connects to the underlying logistics processes in real time.

Dynamics 365 Commerce brings a whole new kind of transparency to chain and store management. You can manage the operational and financial activities of your business from one place. A centralized system ensures that there is always an up-to-date and comprehensive view of order and delivery management, transaction tracking, and chain and store-level profitability.

Increase profitable sales with the digital heart of your retail business

Nowadays, customers expect more from their shopping experience than ever before. All parts of the experience must take place smoothly regardless of time, place and channel. In addition, your staff also expect that the digital tools in use will help them serve customers even better and more efficiently.

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