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24.09.2020 | Efima and Futunio automate the operations of unemployment funds with robotic process automation

24.09.2020 | Futunio, the strategic digitalisation partner of unemployment funds and trade unions, is enhancing the automation of its unemployment fund customers with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA can also be used to extend automation to paper-based processes. Efima is Futunio's partner in software robotics.

Helsinki 24.9.2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment funds are in an exceptional situation where the number of applications for unemployment benefits has multiplied in a very short time. Futunio, a service company specialized in the needs of unemployment funds, is working together with Efima to alleviate the situation with the help of RPA. The robot called Aili, which works on Efima's automation platform, is already pre-processing applications for Futunio's customers, and dozens of other robotics applications have already been identified.

Janne Ojala, Product Manager at Futunio, sees RPA as an excellent way to expand the built-in automation capabilities that IT systems have. “The benefits of robotics are clear: we can agilely automate processes that used to require human intervention. With the help of a robot, the processing of applications is considerably faster when an application arrives pre-processed by a robot. In particular, the robot’s ability to read and interpret data from paper-based documents is a feature that ordinary systems cannot do”, he excitedly comments on the benefits of RPA.

One task in which Aili already helps the unemployment funds to process applications is to retrieve earnings-related pension extracts from the Finnish Center for Pensions' (ETK) online service and add them as attachments to new applications. Having to copy and move data from one field to another between systems too often is not something that us humans should have to do, but fortunately the software robot routine work. Watch the video to see how easy the process is for Aili! (Video only available in Finnish)


Efima's CIO and Director of Software Robotics, Markus Turunen, is delighted about the new partnership with Futunio: “Improving the efficiency of unemployment funds’ operations is particularly important in these exceptional circumstances, and we are proud to have the opportunity to be part of this great collaboration."

More information

Efima Oy, CIO Markus Turunen, puh: +358407701205

Futunio is a service company specialized in the needs of the trade unions and unemployment funds. We produce the most advanced solutions for lobbying and unemployment security, with which our customers also keep up with the pace of digitalization.

Efima supports and improves large and mid-sized organizations' business with ERP, financial management and business insight solutions, outsourcing services, and consulting. We strive to provide the best service within our industry and be an exceptional workplace for our experts. We were chosen as Microsoft's Digitalization Partner of the Year in 2020.

In 2020 Efima employes over 200 people. Its revenue during the previous fiscal year was 18 million euros and the company has offices in three locations: Helsinki and Tampere in Finland and Austin, Texas in the USA.