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13.07.2020 | Efima is Microsoft's Digitalization Partner of the Year

Tero Salminen and Kai Lyytinen at Efima's office Efima CEO Tero Salminen and ERP business director Kai Lyytinen are happy about the recognition that long-term work with Microsoft technologies has led to.
↑ Efima CEO Tero Salminen and ERP business director Kai Lyytinen are happy about the recognition that long-term work with Microsoft technologies has led to.
13.07.2020 | Efima, a pioneer in cloud-based financial management and ERP systems and digitalization, was selected as Microsoft's 2020 Digitalization Partner of the Year in Finland. Efima's comprehensive and long-term work with Microsoft's modern business solutions and Europe's largest Dynamics 365 implementation delivered to the Lumon Group, known for its balcony glasses, were factors behind the choice.

Katarina Engblom, director of Microsoft's partner business, says that the choice was influenced by Efima's desire to grow, as well as Efima's interest and open-minded service development in building digital transformation in its own operations and taking it to the customer base. "We are also impressed by the utilization of Efima's financial management expertise in the delivery of our business solutions."

"Microsoft has offered us a developing platform, on which we have built business solutions together with customers since the beginning of Efima. Being selected as the Digitalization Partner of the Year is a wonderful proof of this long-term cooperation," says Efima's ERP business director and one of the company's founders Kai Lyytinen.

Efima has been a pioneer of cloud-based business software and an advocate of digitalization since 2009. Since its foundation, the company has been active in the Microsoft world and has published, among other things, numerous expert articles on financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, new technologies and digitalization themes. Recently, Efima has highlighted the phenomenon of citizen development, which Microsoft also invests heavily in with its Power Platform. In a short time, Efima has become Microsoft's leading Power Platform partner in Finland and played a major role in organizing the App in a Day workshops.

"We want to help companies make the most of the opportunities created by digitalization. The Microsoft ecosystem has been a key growth platform for us and today we are the leading D365 company in Finland. We have also built our own cloud-based purchase invoice solution in Microsoft's Azure environment and we are now conquering the US market with the help of Dooap," says Efima CEO and founding member Tero Salminen. "Being selected as Digitalization partner of the Year is proof that our strategic choices have hit the spot and the systematic and long-term work with which we have risen from a small challenger to a market leader has also been taken into account more widely. I am very proud of our top professionals and this recognition belongs to all Efima employees", Salminen rejoices.

Case Lumon – Europe's most extensive Dynamics 365 implementation supports international growth

In Efima's selection as Digitalization partner of the Year, the Dynamics 365 (D365) solution produced for Lumon, a company known for its balcony glazing, stood out. The implementation is exceptional on both a European and global scale. Lumon made to decision to move to a modern and highly automated Dynamics 365 instead of the outdated and siloed ERP systems in several country-specific versions.

Lumon's goal is to grow even more in the international market, and the ERP project is one of the investments that the company has made recently to support this goal. "ERP and production investments serve as the basis for international growth and profitability," describes Lumon's CEO Jussi Kinnunen about the company's future prospects.

Instead of just upgrading the old ERP system, Lumon decided to use the opportunity to also increase paperlessness and automation throughout the company's processes. The considerable investment paid off, because now the company's entire production process, starting from the product order recorded by the salesperson, through production to delivery and any subsequent actions, runs digitally through Lumon's new Dynamics 365 "digital heart". A D365 implementation of the same size and seamless functioning had not been seen in Europe before.

"The project required a lot of resources from us, but through that we also succeeded. Now we have one, common Lumon way of working, and from the customer's point of view we have even been able to do better work", says Kinnunen, happy about the results of the project. The development has not stopped after implementation, as the new and constantly developing system offers a lot of potential, which the internationalizing company plans to exploit in the future.