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12.05.2022 | Luvata trusts Efima with renewing its ERP solution

anode-balls-1456x850 Luvata Pori's new ERP solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
↑ Luvata Pori's new ERP solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
12.05.2022 | Luvata Pori, manufacturer of copper products, is renewing its ERP solution together with Efima. The delivered ERP solution covers various business processes, and the value of the contract is several million euros.

The aim of the project is to support Luvata's business by ensuring that the new ERP solution develops agilely over time and as the company’s strategy changes. The ERP solution works as a long-lasting foundation for the development of Luvata’s operations. During the project, Luvata’s current IT system architecture with its manual and time-consuming processes will be clarified and modernized.

“The aim is to create a foundation that enables us to develop and streamline our business and operational processes now and in the future. We believe that Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution, Dynamics 365, delivered by Efima adapts flexibly to our business requirements”, Jyrki Rantanen from Luvata says.

Reliable business platform is built by taking full advantage of the ERP solution’s standard features and by creating an integrated system where data moves smoothly and is available in real time. The delivered solution also includes Efima's own productized solutions for, among other things, integration and process automation.

“Luvata’s business is highly order-driven, make to order -type, which is a familiar industry to us. We are very excited about the opportunity to cooperate with Luvata”, Kai Lyytinen from Efima concludes.

Additional information

Luvata, Managing Director Jyrki Rantanen, tel: +358 44 787 6003

Efima, Business Director Kai Lyytinen, tel: +358 40 830 1217

Luvata in brief

Luvata is part of the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) Group, which employs more than 25,000 people worldwide. Luvata is one of the world's leading companies in the production of metal products and related technical solutions. Luvata's products are used in renewable energy, healthcare, automotive industry, and consumer products, among others. Luvata employs approximately 1,400 people in 12 locations in 7 different countries. In Pori, Luvata employs 350 people.

Efima in brief

Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions as well as with digital financial management services. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation and partnership.