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02.03.2023 | Paula Kujansivu is Efima’s new Business Unit Director of cloud services

Paula-Kujansivu Paula Kujansivu, Efima's new Business Unit Director, hopes for clear language to be used in software projects.
↑ Paula Kujansivu, Efima's new Business Unit Director, hopes for clear language to be used in software projects.
02.03.2023 | Learning new things and genuine culture of working together ignite Efima’s new Business Unit Director, Paula Kujansivu. She believes that a good employer makes going to work each day fun.

The desire to learn new things and to see and experience the operating environment from a new angle was one of the reasons that drew Paula Kujansivu to Efima. As a growth company, Efima is at an interesting stage – the opportunity to develop a changing organization and ensure that strategic growth is realized, resonates with Paula.

About Efima, Paula knew only the name, strong expertise in financial administration and a good reputation as an employer. As the discussions progressed, she was surprised by the business's strong growth rate, good and mature management style and how values ​​and responsibility are reflected in everyday life. "I got a strong feeling that Efima's values ​​are close to my own", Paula says.

Paula believes that digitization creates a strong growth base for Efima's cloud services: almost all companies have already realized that cloud transition must be done at some point. The challenge is that very few understand what the transition enables, especially on the business side. This is a big shortcoming because that's where the input for the transition project should come from.

"Cloud transformation is not an IT project, as it is still thought of in many organizations", Paula argues. "Efima plays an important role in clarifying that."

Paula hopes for clear and understandable language to be used in software projects so that everyone understands what they mean and enable – after all, it is also Efima's goal to understand customers and their needs, not to only sell them software.

According to Efima’s CEO Tero Salminen, the rapid growth of cloud services requires more resources for business development, both in terms of continuous services and projects.

"Efima's growth has always been based on satisfied customers – customer orientation is at the center of everything we do, and to ensure its realization, we focus on customer needs with even greater intensity. Paula's strong areas of ​​expertise are the development of customer experience and change management – under her leadership, the implementation of our strategy will gain more momentum", Tero states.

In her own opinion, Paula still has traits of living in Tampere, although the long experience of living in Helsinki has polished the accents out of her language. Paula's family of four lives in Meilahti, Helsinki, from where the work trip to Kaivopiha's office can be done by foot. Time spent with family or friends, sports hobbies and sleeping well are Paula's recipe for wellbeing. Paula especially enjoys exercising outdoors – for a long time and at a slow pace.