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23.03.2023 | SOK optimizes service center processes with artificial intelligence – handling of service requests is enhanced with Efima textAI

SOK_tiedote SOK is a central cooperative which produces expert and support services for the cooperatives of S Group.
↑ SOK is a central cooperative which produces expert and support services for the cooperatives of S Group.
23.03.2023 | SOK Corporation is developing the customer service processes of financial service center Palveluässä with AI and chose Efima as their partner. Efima textAI was deployed to Palveluässä’s processes at the beginning of February, and it is a pioneer within Finnish word processing automation solutions, offering new efficiency to service request processing.

SOK Palveluässä has optimized their accounts receivable’s customer service processes with Efima textAI solution. Efima textAI is a solution that understands Finnish text and enables analysis as well as enrichment of large amounts of text. The solution offers new efficiency to Palveluässä’s business activities as the financial service center processes monthly over tens of thousands of service requests, and Efima textAI enhances the sorting process of the requests.

Efima textAI was integrated directly to Palveluässä’s accounts receivable’s customer service management system and the future aim is to extend the use of textAI also to other functions. Trained with Palveluässä’s own data, textAI enables automated, quicker and real-time sorting of arriving service requests. The automated sorting is supported by Efima textAI feature, Fiksulajittelu, which was first of the solution’s ready-to-use features to be deployed by Palveluässä.

The Head of Shared Service Center of Palveluässä, Aki Okkonen, is happy with the collaboration and results that have already been achieved at this point with Efima: “Our accounts receivable management handles almost 700 requests daily and processing them manually has naturally taken off resources from other functions. Efima textAI was in our use just in few months and due to the solution, we can now process service request faster than before and relocate time and resources to other tasks.”

Efima’s Business Director (Intelligent Automation), Teija Puurunen, is delighted about the new cooperation which is remarkable for both sides: “We have invested largely to the development of this solution, because we feel that customer service processes still have a lot of automation possibilities, and AI enables their larger utilization. Our cooperation is a great example of how easily AI solutions can be deployed in customer service and how much the business can truly benefit of them – in everyday life, assisting AI in the background won’t be even noticed at best.”

More information

SOK, Head of Shared Service Center Aki Okkonen, +358 10 768 6004

Efima, Business Director (Intelligent Automation) Teija Puurunen, +358 40 845 0830

About SOK

SOK, part of S Group, is a central cooperative which produces expert and support services for the cooperatives of S Group. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of S Group and the development of the business chains. SOK consists of cooperatives and its subsidiaries, which engage in the travel and hospitality business in Estonia, among other operations. SOK Palveluässä provides financial and payroll administration services to whole S Group. Various systems and automation manage part of the work, but there are also over 250 financial and payroll administration specialists providing effortless processes and superior end results.

About Efima

Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation. Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions as well as digital financial management services. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation, and partnership. In 2023, Efima employs 300 employees in Efima's two offices in Helsinki and Tampere.