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Inventory App

Modernize your inventory counting with Microsoft Power Apps.

Inventory App is an example of a tailored Microsoft Power Platform application for Efima's customer.

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What does it take to prepare data for the yearly inventory counting process?

An extensive Excel exercise? Not anymore.

When there are hundreds of inventories around the country, preparing an annual inventory counting requires a lot of work from a large group of people. Would there be a more convenient way to serve the right data to the right location, without an extensive, manual Excel exercise?

Yes, there is. The processing of extensive background information and serving it to various locations for inventory counting process can be automated. When there is no need, nor business case to implement a specialized warehouse management solution to digitalize the process, luckily the process digitalization and automation can be done in a lighter way, utilizing existing systems.


Inventory App is a powerful tool for managing the inventory counting process

Inventory App is a Microsoft Teams Power Apps application designed by Efima for its customer. The application utilizes specific Power Apps functionalities that Microsoft offers as part of Microsoft Teams -licensing.

The application handles the processing of inventory data, the definition of responsible persons for every cost center's inventory and the distribution of data to the right persons in each cost center. Responsible persons can track the progress of the inventory counting using the Inventory App, ensuring that all different inventories are counted on schedule.

The Inventory App generates inventory counting lists based on annual purchases by each inventory. The counting is performed utilizing these site-specific lists. Once the responsible person has approved the inventory counting in the app and all inventories have been counted, the Inventory App generates the finished accounting data of the inventory values.

Inventory App in a nutshell



Perfoming the yearly inventory process of a wide network of locations.

Target system

Excel files as application interface.


Microsoft Dataverse for Teams
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a selection of Power Platform -functionalities included in Microsoft Teams -license. Read more here.

Who is it for

For any company having wide network of locations and local inventories.

Why Inventory App?

Easiness and time savings

Inventory App streamlines and speeds up your annual inventory when the groundwork is done automatically and the right information can be delivered to the sites.

The process becomes much easier to manage

Inventory App automates data processing and creates one, harmonized way of working. This helps to reduce human errors along the process.

Process transparency

Inventory App provides its users with a snapshot of the overall process and the inventory status of various locations. This improves the transparency of the whole process.


Using the existing Microsoft Team -licensing and efficient low-code development made it possible to design customized and cost-efficient solution.

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