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Efima develops and implements digital business and financial management processes. Our customer base comprises large and mid-sized organizations from all industries. We have a passion for good service, growing out of a strong competence in financial management and IT systems. To encourage the best people to give their best, we strive for being a fair and good employer.

Case Leijona Catering
Lion-like reporting

Leijona Catering

People at Leijona Catering know that good reporting needs to be up-to-date and visual, and available across the entire organization. This is the type of reporting they began implementing in collaboration with Efima. The tool used for applying this process was QlikView’s reporting software, which Leijona acquired as a cloud service from Efima.

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Efima Evolution
behind the scenes

The next chapter in our growth strategy is called Efima Evolution. We want to stay alert, listen, learn and develop. Our strong visual look is an important part of Efima and it reflects the values, customs and emotions we hold important. Watch the video to see our visual identity revitalized. Click to play.


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