Business Intelligence

Efima believes that the focus in companies is quickly shifting from transaction management to creating relevant information to support decision-making. Competent planning and reporting are enablers of growth.

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Power BI – Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Power BI – Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Business intelligence has never been so easy. Data should benefit everyone – from a single person to the whole organization. Finally this is possible.

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Case Leijona Catering
Lion-like reporting

Leijona Catering

People at Leijona Catering know that good reporting needs to be up-to-date and visual, and available across the entire organization. This is the type of reporting they began implementing in collaboration with Efima. The tool used for applying this process was QlikView’s reporting software, which Leijona acquired as a cloud service from Efima.

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Meet Aili – the mother of all software robots

Meet Aili – the mother of all software robots

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a solution to tasks that cannot be automated using traditional back-end solutions. We proudly present Aili, the robot that loves to work with routines. 

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