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Work for the best

Work for the best

Together forward. As yourself. Challenge the norm. Achieve. Dare to succeed. Desire to listen.

Efilis Quick Test

If you find the stories below strike a chord, you might fit in with other people who have contracted efilis.

Big ears help. We think listening is important. Listening to the client, your colleague, and yourself. The client gets better results, you get along with your colleagues better, and you feel better yourself.

There are no standard solutions The client needs a fit-for-purpose solution. It is not always what we sell. You just have to have the courage to say it. Old methods deserve to be questioned at times. It leads to better methods. Even if we endeavor something new, we set out to succeed.

Self-help and help from others. Our people know an amazing multitude of things. Your colleague may know a thing or two you don't. We don't hesitate to ask for and receive help. We feel responsibility for our work, and create magnificent results together.

Efima Evolution
behind the scenes

Efima Evolution

Rich visuality is one of Efima’s hallmarks. Since 2011, our visual identity has relied on animal images that reflect our characteristics. Being a growth company, we need to stay alert, listen, learn and develop. That is why our new strategy is called Efima Evolution. Part of this is the evolution of our imagery. We are now making a shift from animals to human beings.

So what have acrobats and the world bodypainting champion to do with an IT company? The video of our visual identity project will tell you. Click on the image to watch.