Actions count

Case Kotkamills

Actions count. Trust is built on the fact that the partner reacts even to the fastest of changes.

Petri Hirvonen, CFO, Kotkamills

Kotkamills and Efima – agile partners

People at Kotkamills are proud of their agility. In the recent years, the company has taken on large change projects in which the market change has been converted into a possibility. The most significant project has been the deployment of a new boxboard machine. Efima has been a part of the journey by delivering the Microsoft Dynamics AX system for procurement, maintenance, and financial management needs. CFO Petri Hirvonen describes the cooperation: “In our fast-paced business a lot is demanded of our suppliers. Of our our information systems suppliers Efima has had the best ability to react, and Efima’s agility is admirable”.

Continuous process development

Hirvonen says that the most important thing in ERP is that the system works as intended and depicted. “Reliability and functionality can’t just be approximately there”, he says. What has been essential to Kotkamills is that the ERP supports process-based manufacturing, and realizing that has been crucial for the end result. The user base is broad – from storage workers and maintenance to production expert and management. The procure-to-pay process is developed continuously. “I am very happy that we’ve been able to developed our processes as part of our daily work. Even though these are small things, they mean a lot to the process. Efima is committed to the development, and we have great pairs working on this”, Hirvonen describes.

Partnership supporting the business

System projects have been a fundamental part of fast-based business development at Kotkamills. In partnership actions matter the most to Hirvonen. “Actions lead to trust. It is based on the belief that the partner has a genuine will and knowledge to do things. When your partner is able to react to fast-paced changes, it creates a sense of security”, Hirvonen says. Another important factor are the people. Management conversations build the foundation of the relationship. However, Hirvonen emphasizes that you need the right experts in place for things to go smoothly. In the future, Hirvonen thinks that a software robot could be a part of that team.

Efima solutions
  • systems support the daily work
  • systems produce the data needed
  • continuous process development


Having traditions and roots in Kotka, Finland, since 1872, Kotkamills today manufactures high quality sawn wood for demanding joinery and construction, is a leading producer of laminating paper products, and produces fully recyclable folding boxboard and food service board for packaging and food service applications. Kotkamills is a responsible and nature respecting company that employs over 500 people.