Efima ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Unified and shared information enables efficient business processes and effective decision making.

Efima ERP

Efima ERP

Efima ERP is a reliable and scalable platform, which connects customer service processes from different channels to efficient Enterprise Resource Planning. Efima ERP is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) or Unit4 Business World platform depending on your organization's individual needs.

Efima has years of experience in delivering Dynamics cloud solutions in an agile manner. We have developed our own Efima Layer add-on, which optimizes processes and modifies the system to correspond to both the Finnish and the European requirements.

The system can be expanded with our partners’ industry specific solutions. Efima ERP brings all the critical data into one place so that utilizing this information in, for example, modern reporting and forecasting is easy.

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Wholesale ERP solution

Efima offers a wholesale solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. We combine procurement and logistics with efficient and highly automated financial management.

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Efima Finance

Efima Finance is powerfull and highly automatic solution for all financial processes. The best operating models combined with on-premises working ensure that the end result meets all your needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The platform enables you to run your business from end to end with intelligent applications that work together seamlessly on the cloud. On top of the core ERP, organizations can pick and choose a combination of components that suits their needs perfectly. Third party add-ons, such as our accounts payable solution Dooap, integrate perfectly into the system. By replacing old-fashioned point solutions with a unified platform, the data can flow fluently. As a result, managing the big picture is easier and, for example, reporting becomes more purposeful.

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Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World is a people-centric ERP system delivered from the cloud. The solution focuses on usability and accessibility, empowering your people to excel every day. Unit4 Business World is a scalable and flexible solutions that supports your individual end-to-end business processes. Delivered from the cloud, Unit4 is easy to implement and maintain wihtout comprimising the security of your critical business information. 

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Case Kotkamills
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People at Kotkamills are proud of their agility. In the recent years, the company has taken on large change projects in which the market change has been converted into a possibility. The most significant project has been the deployment of a new boxboard machine. Efima has been a part of the journey by delivering the Microsoft Dynamics AX system for procurement, maintenance, and financial management needs.

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