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Efima Layer – complement and streamline your operations with extensions

Efima has years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics systems and their agile cloud deliveries. Based on our experience, the Efima Layer extension package brings together the best practices of financial management processes identified and designed by our experts.

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Everything your Dynamics 365 system needs

Efima Layer complements core functionality, increases efficiency and helps meet local, regulatory requirements.


Efficiency to your Dynamics

Efima Layer streamlines the processes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management systems and adapts them to meet specific Finnish and European requirements. More than 30 process-driven extensions add user-friendliness and further enhance system performance.

Carefree functionality

Ready-made Efima Layer extensions designed by Efima's financial management and IT professionals save time and resources when you can take advantage of extensions already developed instead of customizing your Dynamics system. Future updates are also easier, as we are naturally responsible for maintaining and updating the Efima Layer according to Microsoft's latest requirements.

Better by the day

Efima Layer gains additional features and functionalities as we are constantly working on developing it. You can choose to implement new parts of the Efima Layer at any point to complement your Dynamics system with added functionalities.

Efima Layer includes a number of key functionalities and additions to the Dynamics system

Efima Layer is a collection of extensions that include all the modifications that a Finnish company needs to the Dynamics 365 system.


The accounting module in Dynamics 365 includes financial management and accounting processes. Efima Layer extensions related to this category strengthen, for example, the usability of the reversing entry functionality and supplement the basic functionalities to better match the Finnish accounting principles.

Accounts receivable

Efima Layer extensions add, for example, best-practice invoice, payment request and interest invoice printouts in accordance with legal requirements, and offer electronic invoicing functionality.

Accounts payable

The Efima Layer extension provides the ability to include prepayment registry information in vendor data as well as export and import this audit data into Dynamics 365 Finance.

Fixed assets

The basic functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance will be improved by adding e.g. possibility of negative depreciation.

Localized payments

Efima Layer extensions also enable cross-company entry of payment reference data in selected formats and, for example, improved SEPA-related functionalities.

Reporting to authorities

The Efima Layer extension offers e.g. construction work reporting in accordance with the requirements of Finnish legislation.

Integrations and reporting

Dynamics 365 Finance, Project Operations, and Supply Chain Management provide an integration application programming interface (API) and tools for a variety of integration situations. Efima Layer extends the data entities of the core solution, providing new data entities and business events to better support integration and reporting needs.

Users and roles

Efima layer adds pre-designed user roles based on financial management best practices.

More features with Efima Layer add-ons

Complement your Dynamics 365 system even more with these Efima Layer add-ons.

Digitize your sales invoices with Efima Layer  

Efima Layer seamlessly integrates modern e-invoicing functionality into Dynamics 365.

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