Reliable financial processes

Efima Outsourcing

Covering all financial processes, our outsourcing service is modular to give you flexibility and control. You can outsource your entire financial management or just the aspects you want, and use our services on an ongoing basis or periodically. The service is system-independent—we can provide it either using our own or your in-house systems.

Outsourcing services for financial processes have improved considerably during the past few years. The times of trial and error are over, and there are several reasons why outsourcing now makes more sense than ever. Cost savings, as important as they still are, no longer constitute the main driver for outsourcing. Instead, the decision to outsource is increasingly based on business outcomes and strategy alignment. Many organizations have realized that routine-focused processes and their development are not within their core capabilities, and that outsourcing brings a range of benefits.

Efima Outsourcing gives mid-sized and large organizations an efficient outsourcing solution with high quality. The quality comes from carefully listening to your needs and understanding your business. Efficiency comes from process know-how, automation and market-leading solutions. 

Our outsourcing concept comprises a variety of process modules. Depending on your specific needs and objectives, you can outsource either all of your financial management processes or its selected aspects.

Features and benefits

  • Quick implementation
  • Latest systems and technologies 
  • Leading expertise in financial management 
  • Process intelligence, efficiency and transparency 
  • Accurate and reliable reporting 
  • Optimal resource management 
  • Scalability 
  • Your resources freed to focus on core business 
  • Continuous service development by Efima and partners

We have the most satisfied customers on the market. That is because we listen to them constantly.

Case Borenius
Values guide the partnership


Values are guiding actions at Borenius, a company with a long heritage as a law firm for Finnish companies. Finance manager Anne-Mari Patteri and development manager Niko Jakobsson tell how they are always reflecting Borenius’s values to their partners’ way of working. Experience has proven that the partnership works when the both parties share common values. “Efima too follows our values”, they say.

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