Efima's over 10-year-old growth story has reached a point where the company is growing at a rapid pace from a startup into a medium-sized company and an international corporation. The rapid growth places new demands on Efima's financial management, to which Efima's new CFO, Sirkku Palmuaro, is happy to respond.

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Sirkku Palmuaro is Efima's new CFO

29.3.2021 — Efima's over 10-year-old growth story has reached a point where the company is growing at a rapid pace from a startup into a medium-sized company and an international corporation. The rapid growth places new demands on Efima's financial management, to which Efima's new CFO, Sirkku Palmuaro, is happy to respond.

Halonen and Carlson choose Efima to implement their new unified commerce solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

26.3.2021 — Halonen and Carlson are upgrading their commerce solution to a modern, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce solution delivered by Efima with the aim of creating more personalized and multi-channel shopping experiences. The unified commerce solution streamlines all core functions required for modern and traditional commerce to one digital platform, which enables more seamless buying and selling experiences for both customers and staff.

Finlayson outsources its financial management processes to Efima

12.3.2021 — Finlayson, one of the oldest companies in Finland, outsources its financial management processes to Efima Oy. Full scale outsourcing lets Finlayson to comprehensively develop their financial management with the help of an experienced key partner. In addition to the development, the outsourcing decision aims to increase the flexibility and adaptability of Finlayson’s financial management.

Efima's large customer extends the partnership to include accounts receivable

4.2.2021 — Efima Oy has reached an agreement with its customer, a large Finnish food company, to expand the partnership. In the future, in addition to accounts payable, Efima will also take care of the customer's accounts receivable and the processing of sales invoices.

Efima and Futunio automate the operations of unemployment funds with robotic process automation

24.9.2020 — Futunio, the strategic digitalisation partner of unemployment funds and trade unions, is enhancing the automation of its unemployment fund customers with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA can also be used to extend automation to paper-based processes. Efima is Futunio's partner in software robotics.

Newsec chooses Efima to implement Dynamics 365 Finance

22.9.2020 — Real estate business solutions provider Newsec Property Asset Management is renewing its financial management system and has chosen Efima to implement the modern, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365. The new system will be used in providing financial management services to more than 100 Newsec customers.

Sitowise selects Unit4 ERP to support future growth

7.8.2020 — One of the largest planning and consulting agencies in the construction industry in Finland, Sitowise Oy, is renewing its financial management and enterprise resource planning systems with Unit4 ERP. Efima was selected as the implementation partner for the project.

UiPath named as the leader of Robotic Process Automation

6.8.2018 — Efima always offers the leading cloud solutions to its customers. One example of this is the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform UiPath that is part of Efima’s offerings. UiPath has gained recognition as the leader in RPA in multiple researches. UiPath is also the technology behind Efima’s beloved software robot, Aili.

Efima listed again in growth rankings

8.1.2018 — Efima's strong growth has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, Efima was featured on Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland ranking and on Inc. 5000 Europe list.

Efima adds Unit4 into its software selection

14.12.2017 — Efima, specialized in ERP and financial management solutions, has improved its software selection with Unit4 solutions. Efima aims to offer the most fitting solution for each customer, and increasing the software selection enables this even better.

Efima's new board of directors is elected

7.12.2017 — Efima Oy's new board of directors include Jorma Turunen, CEO of Teknologiateollisuus ry, Janne Juusela, lawyer and partner at Borenius Attorneys Ltd, and management advisor Lars Husberg. Efima's director of ERP business and partner Kai Lyytinen continues as a member of the board. The new chairman of the board is Minna Alitalo, Executive Vice President of Purchasing at Alko Oy. She is also a member of the board at SRV Yhtiöt and the chairman of the Finnish Audit Committee.

Sanna Kaarlejärvi awarded as Instructor of the Year

13.10.2017 — Alma Talent presented the award to Efima's CFO Sanna Kaarlejärvi during their Fall Gala on 12.10.

Jukka Karjunen is Efima's new COO

19.9.2017 — Efima's new COO, Jukka Karjunen, is an experienced leader, especially within the ICT industry. Now he takes the responsibility for the software business at Efima. Efima's growth story and the unique company culture got Jukka excited about the possibility of being part of the next step in the company's journey.

Meet Aili – our software robot.

5.9.2017 — Aili is the loveliest of all software robots. Her sole existence revolves around helping, supporting and guiding us humans. You can let Aili take care of your numbing routines and focus on those more rewarding tasks. Aili is ready for action – are you?

Efima's AP automation solution Dooap will be at D365UG/AXUG Summit

24.8.2017 — Dooap, an Accounts Payable automation solution by Efima, will attend this year's D365UG/AXUG Summit Nashville, October 10-13, 2017.

Exchange Summit, the leading event dedicated to E-invoicing, is approaching

11.8.2017 — Efima's CFO and leading consultant, Sanna Kaarlejärvi, will attend the event in October in Barlecona once again.

Antti Kosunen and Efima's Dooap featured on PYMNTS.com

12.6.2017 — Efima's International Director, Antti Kosunen, discussed trends in accounts payable and why automation tools are the key to cutting down costly processes with PYMNTS' Hal Levey.

Tapio Immonen is Efima's new Sales Director

5.4.2017 — Efima's new Sales Director Tapio Immonen has a comprehensive, 17-year experience within the ICT industry. He has now taken on the task of leading Efima to its next growth phase. Even from outside the company, Immonen saw the competence and the relaxed atmosphere of Efima and wanted to join the group.

Looking for buddies for kids

2.2.2016 — Efima has for some time already focused its charity to the Single Parents’ Association in Finland. Our particular focus has been the socalled “Buddies for kids” activity, where grown-up men befriend single mothers’ children who have no connection to their own father or other men.

E-invoicing event Exchange Summit 2015 – a summary by Sanna Lahti

30.10.2015 — Sanna Lahti, CFO and consultant at Efima, visited the e-invoicing event Exchange Summit 2015 in Barcelona in October. She brought with her the latest news and views on the development of e-invoicing. Here’s a summary of Sanna’s notes:

Efima as a partner at Basware Connect

5.8.2015 — As the new outsourcing partner for Basware, Efima participates now for the first time. Our Managing Director Tero Salminen is in the spotlight in the Trend Talks session.

Basware and Efima combine automation and outsourcing

16.6.2015 — Process development and increased automation bring additional benefits to outsourcing.

Four key observations from Microsoft Convergence 2015

11.5.2015 — A group of experts from Efima visited the annual Microsoft Convergence event in Atlanta in March. The event is focused on topics around Enterprise Resource Planning. We put together a short list of key observations from our travelers.

Caruna outsources its financial management processes to Efima

17.3.2015 — Electricity transmission company Caruna outsources its key financial management processes to Efima Oy. The length of the contract is 5 + 2 years.

Qlik virtual event on March 25, at 11 - 15

17.3.2015 — At this interactive event, participants are able to chat with BI experts.

Efima number seven in Great Place to Work 2015

6.2.2015 — Efima, developer of business processes and financial management, was rated Finland’s 7th best working place in the general series (50–499 employees) in the Great Place to Work Finland 2015 survey published today.

Eija Helenius is the Efimanian 2014

8.1.2015 — Giving feedback and celebrating success is part of Efima's culture. A new tradition was kicked off last year – the annual Efima Awards given at the Christmas party. The Efimanian of 2014 is Eija Helenius from the Bobcat team of Outsourcing services.

Efima number eight in Deloitte’s technology Fast 50 listing

26.11.2014 — Efima continues to be one of the fastest growing technology companies in Finland.

Modern reporting on show

18.8.2014 — Join us to listen to our client Marimekko on their utilisation of the Qlikview reporting tool!

Sanna Lahti and Tero Salminen authored a book on digital financial management

9.4.2014 — Sanna Lahti and Tero Salminen – both founders of Efima – have published a new book in Finnish on digital financial management.