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14.12.2017 | Efima adds Unit4 into its software selection

Efiman akrobaatti
14.12.2017 | Efima, specialized in ERP and financial management solutions, has improved its software selection with Unit4 solutions. Efima aims to offer the most fitting solution for each customer, and increasing the software selection enables this even better.

Unit4 Business World On! is a cloud-based ERP and financial management software developed with the customer in mind. The guiding principle in this ERP solution is agility, and the software adapts easily to changes in business. As a financial management solution, it supports high levels of process automation well.

"We are impressed with the comprehensiveness of Unit4 in supporting digital financial management. We hold our solutions up to high standard and Unit4 ticks every box. We and our customers demand highly automated processes and the possibility to develop them even further in the future. In addition, the system needs to integrate well with different software our customers use. We feel that Unit4 gives us the opportunity to provide also out outsourcing services efficiently and with high quality. Moreover, Unit4's compatibility to support resource planning in the service industry is at an excellent level." tells Kai Lyytinen, the head of Efima's ERP business.

Unit4's country manager of Finland, Sam Ehnholm, is delighted about the cooperation. "Efima has a great reputation as a software supplier and financial management expert both with systems and services. That is why we are excited to fulfill the digitalization strategies of Finnish customers together."

Efima Oy

Efima develops and implements digital business and financial management processes. Our customer base comprises large and mid-sized organizations from all industries. We have a passion for good service, growing out of a strong competence in financial management and IT systems.


Unit4 is a leading business software supplier for the service industry. Our annual revenue is nearly 600 million euros and we employ over 4200 software professionals globally. We offer industry specific ERP solutions, software, and applications to thousands of organizations supporting, among others, the service and education industries, project organizations, real estate, public enterprises, and financial management. Unit4 is in business for people.


Efima Oy
Director Kai Lyytinen, puh. 040-830 1217, sähköposti

Marketing and Communications Director Sari Aapola, puh. 040-759 2046, sähköposti