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19.09.2017 | Jukka Karjunen is Efima's new COO

19.09.2017 | Efima's new COO, Jukka Karjunen, is an experienced leader, especially within the ICT industry. Now he takes the responsibility for the software business at Efima. Efima's growth story and the unique company culture got Jukka excited about the possibility of being part of the next step in the company's journey.

Jukka Karjunen, you are Efima's new COO, but who exactly are you?

I am 51 years old and fairly new to living in Helsinki – it's been only a couple of years since I moved to the "big city". Before that I spend over 20 years in Tampere. I like to spend my free time doing outdoor activities, playing golf, and skiing . 

Where do you come from?

Every morning by train from Haaga. I came to Efima from OpusCapita where I spent the last 7 years. During the past 20 years or so I've been in various expert and management positions in different international ICT companies. 

Mention an event that has had a big impact on the kind of COO Efima has selected.

There is no single event. Every customer meeting and the deeper understanding I've gained of why we are doing these things has brought me here. "Deliver what you promise" describes well what kind of a COO Efima has selected. 

What are your first impressions of Efima?

Already in the recruiting phase I had this picture of a positively different kind of a company, sort of an "Efima way". The feeling of doing things together and the exceptional organizational culture is visible even from outside the company.  

You're now looking at Efima from the inside with a pair of fresh eyes. What do you see?

I see a truly unique company that really lives and acts according the its own values every day.

What was the greatest aspect that made you want to work for Efima?

Efima's story – how we've got here, how we're doing things at the moment, and where we're heading – had an impact on me. I wanted to play a part in taking the next steps in the company's growth story. 

Jukka Karjunen, where are you going?

To Greece, to Agia Efima! That aside, I'm at the beginning of an exciting journey with all the other efimanians.