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22.09.2021 | Päivi Holmqvist is Efima's new Chief Marketing Officer

Päivi Holmqvist, Efima Oy
22.09.2021 | Päivi Holmqvist, an experienced marketing communications professional, is Efima's new Chief Marketing Officer and member of the management team. With the lead of Päivi, Efima will be built into a more visible and visionary digital partner for Finnish large and medium-sized companies.

Päivi Holmqvist, experienced leader and marketing and communications professional, is Efima's new Chief Marketing Officer and member of the management team. Päivi takes overall responsibility for developing Efima's communications and marketing for the future needs of the growth company.

Päivi sees Efima as a great growth story that has not yet gained the attention it deserves: “Efiman has risen from being a market challenger to a notable player, but the word about Efima has not spread far enough. Even I got to familiarize myself with Efima from scratch. Luckily, what I’ve gotten to know over the past month is worth telling. And that's why I'm happy to take on the challenge of spreading Efima's message to even bigger crowds.”

During her more than 25-year long career, Päivi has worked with both small startups and large, multinational corporations to better their marketing and communications. “Raising awareness and creating the conditions for growth have been important themes throughout my career, and it’s great to be able to share my experience with Efima. And, of course, I am glad that a young growth company values ​​a wide range of experts – even more experienced ones like myself”, Päivi smiles.

Efima's CEO, Tero Salminen, gives the reins of Efima’s marketing and communications to Päivi with confidence: “We have set ambitious growth targets for our new strategy period. Being a thought leader in our field as well as having a distinctive brand have been key factors in our growth right from the beginning, and marketing will play a key role in our future growth as well. Päivi is a strategic thinker and a communications professional trained with a wide range of companies. She understands our needs and knows what kind of change we should promote at this stage of our growth journey.”

Päivi describes herself as a curious wonderer who forms her own opinion no matter what the topic. She also expects the same from Efima in the next growth phase of the company: “Every company has its own role in this society. Efima and our professionals have a huge number of insights and expertise to tell what kind of future awaits all of us in this digitalizing world and how companies should operate in the midst of all this change. Efima’s views have great value for both our customers and our society at large, and therefore our voice needs to be heard.”

Päivi names one of Efima’s core values, courage to succeed, as her most important tool in her new role at Efima. “The courage to succeed means to me that there must also be the courage to fail. A culture that encourages trial and error mindset is a key prerequisite for growth and development. At Efima people are trusted and supported by others. Fast growth always brings up certain challenges, but with a good spirit and the power of common values ​​and corporate culture, all things can be solved”, Päivi describes. “Efima won’t be made known to everyone overnight. But with the entrepreneurial attitude and the pride our people feel towards the jointly built company, results will surely be achieved.”

To counterbalance her work Päivi enjoys spending time with her family and on her hobbies. As if forced by the circumstances, Päivi has rediscovered the nature and the culture of her homeland and has found new ways to break away from her everyday life. “Sometimes long runs are great for solving problems – even work-related things – but mainly outdoor activities are a way for me to break away from everyday life and recharge batteries. When mountain biking, if my mind starts to wander into work-related issues instead of dodging stones and tree roots, the feedback is often immediate”, Päivi laughs.