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07.08.2020 | Sitowise selects Unit4 ERP to support future growth

07.08.2020 | One of the largest planning and consulting agencies in the construction industry in Finland, Sitowise Oy, is renewing its financial management and enterprise resource planning systems with Unit4 ERP. Efima was selected as the implementation partner for the project.

In the midst of strong growth, Sitowise realized that its core IT systems were on the verge of being outdated and insufficient for the company. A new solution that would enable future growth and new business models was needed. Sitowise selected the cloud-based Unit4 ERP as its new unified business platform and Efima as a strategic partner for the project. The project has already been started with the help of Efima’s leading process consultants.

“We wanted to make sure that our core system is also able to support us in the future. Unit4 provides us with a platform that allows us to manage our projects throughout their lifecycle as well as unify and automate our processes. Efima also convinced us that we’ve found a competent partner that can support us in developing our business even after the new system is live”, says Turo Tinkanen, CIO at Sitowise.

The comprehensive Unit4 ERP platform will be implemented through the entire organization and it will have approximately 1,700 end-users. Sitowise and Efima are planning to continue their partnership after the implementation as Unit4’s functionality can be extended over time.

Unit4 ERP is a modern and modular enterprise resource planning system developed especially for service and project-based businesses. Unit4 helps organizations to create a better way to work by freeing the experts to create value and excellent experiences for customers. “Efima is Finland’s leading Unit4 partner in the private sector and this wonderful new partnership with Sitowise strengthens our position as an expert in project-based business”, Jaakko Inkari, Unit4 Business Manager at Efima, rejoices.

Alongside Unit4 ERP, and “Efima Integrations Layer” platform will be implemented to manage and maintain integrations between various IT systems. Efima Integrations Layer is built on the modern Microsoft Azure technology.

For more information, please contact:

Efima Oy, Unit4 Business Manager Jaakko Inkari; tel. +358 40 717 8092

Sitowise is a specialist consulting company with 1,700 personnel that provides its customers the full range of built environment services from planning to expert and digital services under the same roof. We are one of the largest planning and consulting agencies in the construction industry in Finland, the leading expert in diversified urban projects, and a pioneer in data-driven management and data modelling. Our comprehensive services generate new and repair old - thus creating a sustainable and intelligent living environment.

Efima supports and improves large and mid-sized organizations' business with ERP, financial management, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence solutions, outsourcing services, and consulting. We strive to provide the best service within our industry and be an exceptional workplace for our experts.

In 2020 Efima employs over 200 people. Efima’s turnover was approximately 17 million euros during the previous fiscal year, and the company has offices in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland and in Austin, Texas in the USA.