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Towards future-proof financial management

From a financial management professional to another. A cloud-based financial management solution created by the leading financial professionals. Including the needed cloud-based software and the best practices for a medium-sized company in one solution. With Efima, your journey towards cloud transition and modern financial management does not start from the starting line but from the forefront.

Let's put your financial management in order

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Future-proof financial management solution

Efima x Unit4 is a financial management solution specifically designed for the needs of medium-sized companies. We put together everything you need to make the transition to modern financial management smooth and efficient.


For medium-sized businesses

A medium-sized company needs a financial management solution that supports its core business with real-time insights and adapts to its continuous changes. Efima x Unit4 Financial Management Solution based on Unit4-technology brings together all the core functions from comprehensive accounting to fixed asset management.

All your financial management needs

The solution offers a comprehensive view over company’s financial data and ensures its availability from a single location – anywhere, anytime. Trimmed processes based on Efima’s extensive financial management development experience, high level of automation and easy-to-use reporting tools increase the smoothness of everyday processes and the ability to support decision making with data. 

Scalable cloud solution

Cloud-based solution is easily updated and scalable as your business grows and evolves. With ready-made interfaces and with the help of Efima Integration Layer the solution can be easily integrated with further systems.

What you'll get with Efima x Unit4

We brought together the processes defined by Finland's leading financial experts, modern software solutions and industry best practices.


Efficient processes and best practices

The Unit4 ERP -based system includes all of the core financial management functions, highly automated functionalities and a wide range of interfaces. The processes are based on proven, real-life best practices.

A head start to cloud migration

The configuration of the system is based on best practice processes defined by leading Finnish financial management experts. During the implementation, you are able to focus on the essential and we ensure the prompt start of services with a productized project model.

Flexibility and scalability

The latest system version and the latest innovations always available. We keep you updated and help you to assess the new innovations with the continuous improvement model. As your partner, with in-depth knowledge of financial management, we help you to build today’s modern financial management that is sustainable also in the future.

Efima is Unit4 Elite Partner

A developing partner to support your everyday in financial management

Our customers can trust that they always have access to the latest information and know-how, feasible tools and effective processes with Efima.

We know the needs of financial management

At Efima, we know quite a bit of the financial management needs of Finnish, medium-sized companies. Not only because we are one of them ourselves, but also because we are a group of Finland's leading financial management experts. Our clients in various industries are trusting us the responsibility of their daily financial management processes and we are developing their processes to be more efficient. We have years of experience in delivering and supporting cloud solutions for our customers in an agile manner – with exceptionally good results.

We bring our expertise to you

Whether it’s process consulting and development, robotic process automation or cloud solution partnership, you can count on Efima’s expertise and willingness to share knowledge. Being a value-led company, we seek for the most feasible solutions for our customers and have the courage to ask also the more challenging questions: the goal is to ensure you have fit-for-purpose solutions and practices in use to make your operations more efficient. None of this is possible without skilled people and shared knowledge. Therefore we also offer various ways to train and develop your financial professionals.

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