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Riikka | Efima's values ​​appeal to recruits

Riikka Vainio at Efima's office Riikka's career path at Efima has had plenty of stages: from accounts payable work to HR work – following her own interests and believing in herself.
↑ Riikka's career path at Efima has had plenty of stages: from accounts payable work to HR work – following her own interests and believing in herself.
17.05.2022 | In Riikka Vainio's opinion, the best possible recruitment process is one where it is known exactly what kind of person is being searched for, the application process proceeds smoothly and the applicant experience is good for both the recruit and those who are not selected. Riikka's own journey to her current job at Efima as an HR Specialist may not have been quite so straightforward, but in the words of Riikka's motto: persistence is rewarded.

The interview time with Riikka Vainio is between a long line of Teams meetings, and the previous recruitment interview is still running through the mind and the next one is already haunting ahead.

She thinks for a moment about her journey to Efima: "My work experience before Efima was limited, but the fact that I was able to join the team right away was important for a young employee. I was immediately important to Efima!" In Riikka's opinion, you have to take in to account the situation people are in, especially when it comes to young people and first-timers.

Riikka joined Efima as a summer trainee already in 2013 – she was Efima's 40th employee. There was enough accounts payable work for the following summer as well. "At the end of 2015, I moved from Sweden, where I had been studying, back to Finland and since then I have been a full-time or hourly employee," Riikka says and continues with a smile: "the intern gradually became, together with the help of a service manager, a person responsible for a large customer base."

A detour to human resources work

Over the years, Riikka's substantive expertise grew. Efima's role in the development of skills has been significant, as the company invests in career paths and encourages employees to think for themselves, challenging the norms they are used to. "But perhaps it's also good to state that the main responsibility for development is always with you, no one necessarily offers opportunities on a silver platter, but instead you have to actively look for them," Riikka states as advice to everyone else.

In 2020, the opportunity finally opened up for Riika to focus on people management. "When a collegue went on to parental leave, I got the chance to work on recruitment matters, because HR matters had been an object of interest and on my mind for a long time."

In HR, Riikka is interested in getting an overall picture of the company. She is also interested in employment matters, best practices and themes of organizational culture. According to Riikka's own words, "sometime later" on her career path she sees HR management, a position where she can truly make an impact.

Life outside (work)life

Riikka describes herself as an Efiman, an economist, good-natured, definitely not black and white, and family-oriented. She is interested in people and wants everyone to have a good time at their workplace – "my mind revolves a lot around inclusion, involvement and togetherness", Riikka says and emphasizes that "Efima's values ​​are alive and present."

Her free time hobbies at the moment consist of two different renovations, one in the center of Helsinki and the other in Hyvinkää, completing her degree, autumn wedding and taking over a new role in the HR unit.

Helsinki has its own place in the heart of Riikka: "There are endless landscapes for evening walks near beautiful, old houses and blocks." For someone who lives in Hyvinkää, a city apartment in Helsinki shared with her parents is a welcome luxury and allows them to enjoy the more plentiful cultural and culinary offerings of the big city. Riikka likes to move around in nature by walking or, if possible, also by riding a horse. As for ball games, golf and tennis are close to her heart.

People make the work environment

We circle back to discussing work-related matters for a moment: "People are the best – people make the environment." The best moments at work are all the moments together, at parties and in everyday life. "A good joke, an idea or a relevant remark related to everyday life leaves you in a good mood for the whole day," says Riikka.

She is grateful to many people from Efima for being colleagues and mentors. "I have learned a lot from Eija Helenius about work ethic, teamwork, completing projects and how to approach things. I still admire her drive and attitude towards work."

In Riikka's opinion, Efima's values ​​clearly appeal to the recruits. You can tell by the long careers people have at Efima that people prosper here.