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Consulting leads to the right decisions

The quality of Efima's consulting services comes from a long experience in financial management and IT systems, as well as hybrid competencies. The services include financial management development in the form of management consulting, operational project services and business software consulting.

In the past 10–15 years, financial management has seen drastic development. Tools have developed further, companies have automated their processes, new regulation and legislation has been introduced for governance, full transparency is expected from companies, and new stakeholders for financial management have emerged. Corporate top management expects that financial management becomes a partner for strategic business management. CFOs need a bird's-eye view on the status of financial management as a basis for development. Efima's experience and competencies, accumulated from a variety of industries, are a big benefit for clients when developing their financial management.

Another area requiring experience and expertise are changes, such as systems modernization and updates, or a shift to using outsourcing services. To be successful, both IT system implementations and moving to an outsourced model require expertise and consultation. Big cost savings can be achieved by a thorough analysis of the present state, planning, implementation and project management. Completing a project tightly according to plan will produce significant benefits.

Process and operational development can lead to big improvement in performance. Efima has completed dozens of financial management development projects with exceptionally good results. The image shows the key areas of Efima's consulting services.

Business Consulting, Operational Project Service, Business Software Consulting

Business Consulting →

Efima's business consulting services cover three main areas: Financial management and business process development, reporting development and financial management reorganization.

Operative project services →

The operational project services include: Financial system and ERP procurement support, project manager services and ERP implementation support.

Business software consulting →

Efima's software consulting services include: System evaluation, improving the efficiency of financial and ERP systems as well as system implementation.

Methods →

In addition to solid expertise, Efima's successful development projects build on well thought-out tools and methods. They provide a robust framework for development while ensuring that objectives are met within the agreed timeframe and budget. Efima develops these methods on an ongoing basis.

Case Talentum
Dynamic media and financial management


The Nordic media company Talentum wished to unify its financial management practices in Finland and Sweden. The system chosen was Microsoft Dynamics AX delivered as a cloud service by Efima. In tandem with sharing the same accounting system, Finland and Sweden now also share the same chart of accounts and internal accounting structure. Transparency has improved, and the company now has more time for quality improvement.

Case Talentum →