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07.12.2017 | Efima's new board of directors is elected

07.12.2017 | Efima Oy's new board of directors include Jorma Turunen, CEO of Teknologiateollisuus ry, Janne Juusela, lawyer and partner at Borenius Attorneys Ltd, and management advisor Lars Husberg. Efima's director of ERP business and partner Kai Lyytinen continues as a member of the board. The new chairman of the board is Minna Alitalo, Executive Vice President of Purchasing at Alko Oy. She is also a member of the board at SRV Yhtiöt and the chairman of the Finnish Audit Committee.

Efima is one the fastest growing companies in Finland. In the past fiscal year, its growth was 33% as Efima's revenue grew to 10,9 million euros. "Efima is in an interesting phase of its growth. We think that going international with the help of Efima's own software products is an excellent possibility for growth. The new board of directors gives its full support to Efima's management and owners to accomplish their mission.

According to Tero Salminen, the CEO of Efima, the company is building the foundation for long-term growth with the help of the new board of directors. "In the past, we have had an Advisory Board to help us. Now we are renewing the management structure and have aqcuired the needed knowledge from different industries and areas to our board of directors. We expect that this work will bring benefits to both management and growth." Salminen states.


CEO Tero Salminen, 040 767 5311

Chairman of the Board Minna Alitalo, 040 731 5243

Efima Oy develops and implements digital business and financial management processes. Our customer base comprises large and mid-sized organizations from all industries. We have a passion for good service, growing out of a strong competence in financial management and IT systems.

In 2017 Efima employes over 100 people. Efima's revenue during the past fiscal year reached about 11 million euros. Efima has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and New York City, USA.