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08.01.2015 | Eija Helenius is the Efimanian 2014

08.01.2015 | Giving feedback and celebrating success is part of Efima's culture. A new tradition was kicked off last year – the annual Efima Awards given at the Christmas party. The Efimanian of 2014 is Eija Helenius from the Bobcat team of Outsourcing services.

The definition of the title holder is:

”The Efimanian of the Year is a good colleague who respects his/her fellow workers and creates a good spirit in the team, in project groups or wherever he/she works. His/her competence is valued and he lavishly shares it to others. He/she is not bewildered by obstacles, instead he/she focuses on finding solutions and on working to reach the common goal.
The choice was again made by the personnel voting for their favourites. Here’s how colleagues described Eija:

”Eija is untiring and hard-working. Even when things are hectic, she finds time to guide and help her team mates. Eija also cheers everyone towards better performances.

"A superwoman with a smile who fights for the common good till the end. Always time to help, to joke and to smile. Gets the work done – her own, and if needed, other people’s jobs as well.”

A ”retire jersey” with Eija’s name and the frozen number 14 was raised to the office ceiling accompanied by pompous music. Here’s how Eija commented her election:

1) How does it feel to receive such an award? 
Awesome! :-) At first I could not believe that it was my name printed on the jersey. It means a lot to me that my and our team’s work is respected. It gives a lot of drive for the future.

2) In your opinion, how important is feedback in working life?
I think it’s really important that feedback is given and received (both positive and negative). It helps to develop oneself. 

3) What motivates you most in your work and in Efima? 
My best motivation is the opportunity to develop and learn new things. At Efima I’m obviously motivated by the very best colleagues ever! :-)