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12.03.2021 | Finlayson outsources its financial management processes to Efima

12.03.2021 | Finlayson, one of the oldest companies in Finland, outsources its financial management processes to Efima Oy. Full scale outsourcing lets Finlayson to comprehensively develop their financial management with the help of an experienced key partner. In addition to the development, the outsourcing decision aims to increase the flexibility and adaptability of Finlayson’s financial management.


Design company Finlayson outsources its financial management processes to Efima starting from March 2021. Outsourcing covers all financial processes, such as accounts payable, travel invoices and general ledger. "We have had other joint development projects with Finlayson, and now we are expanding our partnership to outsourcing. It is a sign of earned trust and successful partnership," Terhi Saarinen, director of Efima's outsourcing business, says with a smile on her face.

Finlayson’s CFO, Juho Marjanen, is also pleased to have Efima as their financial management partner. "We are two strongly values-led companies and united by a common value – courage. We saw Efima having the courage and expertise to take over the financial management processes and to develop the processes as well. This combination is something we were initially looking for, not only an outsourcing partner but also a developing partner, and I am convinced that Efima checks both boxes," Marjanen describes.

The outsourcing decision was also in line with Finlayson's business objectives. "Our business is very seasonal, and in addition, as a company we are inherently sensitive to changes and curios to try new business models. Efima’s outsourcing services scale according to our needs and thus supports our business changes," Marjanen says.

Additional information:

Terhi Saarinen, Business Unit Director, Outsourcing, 040 508 1640

200-year-old Finlayson is one of the oldest companies in Finland and a beloved home textile brand. In 1820, James Finlayson from Scotland popped up in Tampere, where there were a couple of wind-beaten cottages and an unharnessed rapid. After a few decades, the same area was the home of the largest industrial company in the Nordic countries with its own church, hospital, school, and fire brigade. Today, Finlayson is convinced that the only right way to honor the company's history is to act as responsibly, courageously and open-mindedly as its early owners. Finlayson has 25 stores in Finland. In addition, Finlayson’s products are available from online stores and well-equipped retailers across the country.

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In 2021, Efima has almost 250 employees. Efima's revenue in the last fiscal year was approximately MEUR 18, and the company has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Austin, USA.