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09.11.2021 | Jani Taipaleenmäki is Efima's new CFO

Jani Taipaleenmäki, CFO, Efima Oy
09.11.2021 | Efima's new CFO, Jani Taipaleenmäki, is a financial management expert who is familiar with the ICT industry and has studied its digital revolution. As a team sports enthusiast Jani leads Efima's financial management towards the future needs of the growth company with a strong team-oriented mindset.

Jani Taipaleenmäki, a seasoned financial management expert with more than 20 years of experience in the ICT industry, is Efima's new CFO and a member of the management team. He takes overall responsibility for Efima's financial management and its development towards the future needs of the growth company.  Throughout his career Jani has familiarized himself with both Efima's industry and growth culture.

Moving to Efima was not a leap into unknown for Jani. Some of Jani’s former colleagues are working at Efima, and most recently he has gotten to know a large group of Efima’s financial management and IT professionals with whom he worked closely in his most recent job, at Knowit, as the company’s CFO. “Already as Efima’s customer, I paid attention to how development-oriented Efima’s professionals were and how strong their expertise was in implementing cloud services as well as developing processes. Even though work was done in a very professional manner, things weren’t taken too seriously”, Jani describes his first impressions of Efima. “I am most excited to be able to build Efima’s growth story together with these skilled experts”, he continues, saying the positive first impressions have only been strengthened during his first few days at Efima.

“In addition to the common history, many other pieces fell into place with Jani. From his attitude to his industry experience and understanding of Efima's needs in the midst of strong growth”, Efima's CEO Tero Salminen describes and is pleased that an experienced and visionary CFO has joined Efima's management team. Throughout his career, Jani has worked in financial management and development positions in software, ICT consulting and digital companies such as SSH and most recently Knowit, and along the way he has been supporting companies at various stages of their growth journeys.

In addition, Jani is involved in academic research projects that study the effects of digitalization on companies' management systems. “Financial management and ERP are undergoing a digital revolution, where new technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and augmented analytics are enabling us to start making more future-oriented decisions. In this revolution, we need pioneers like Efima to go through the digital transformation with their customers”, Jani believes. “When I had the opportunity to jump into such an interesting market and a company at such an important growth stage, I was left with no choice”, Jani smiles and agrees with Tero’s statement.

In addition to digital transformation, Jani names sports as his second passion – especially team sports ja racket games: "There's no better way to break free from everyday life than floorball and badminton." Originally from Oulu, Jani says that he also follows closely Finnish Elite League and his favorite ice hockey team, Oulun Kärpät.

Hence it comes as no surprise that Jani names team play as one of his leadership principles. “Growth requires everyone to play according to the same playbook and to look in the same direction”, Jani describes his leadership philosophy and recognizes playing as a team as an important part of Efima’s culture as well. “Efima’s value, working together, speaks to a team player like me and tells me that here no one is left behind. Everyone has unique skills and together we are stronger – this applies to both internal work and customer work”, Jani concludes proud of his new team.