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23.03.2022 | A new player in food logistics, LogXellence, acquires an ERP system from Efima

LogXellence Oy on elintarvikelogistiikan haastaja LogXellence, a company focused on food logistics, acquires Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system from Efima
↑ LogXellence, a company focused on food logistics, acquires Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system from Efima
23.03.2022 | Efima Oy and LogXellence Oy have agreed on a cooperation that includes a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution for the newly founded food logistics company. The core of the delivery is the warehouse and inventory management system (WMS). The comprehensive total solution utilizes artificial intelligence and supports the seamless and modern processes required in food logistics and 3PL (3rd party logistics).

LogXellence is a new food logistics company operating in Tuko Logistics' former premises in Kerava. It provides modern solutions to the logistics challenges and needs of the food industry, the grocery trade, food service operators and local producers.

Logistics in the food industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in many regards. The importance of supply chain functionality and security has been clearly evident in the context in which the coronavirus has driven us globally. The e-commerce of food, changing consumption habits, the fragmentation of goods flows, the growing number of small and local producers and the increasing frequency of deliveries call for more efficient and flexible solutions in food logistics.

"Smooth and reliable data flows are the foundation of efficient logistics", says Jari Rinnekoski, CEO of LogXellence. "Efima convinced us with its logistics expertise, and we believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is the basis of the total solution, will be a platform that will also provide ready-made support for many of our future needs."

The most important goals of the logistics environment are efficient throughput, loss minimization and traceability. Of course, optimization has always been done, but traditional solutions have been quite difficult to use and difficult to change, and thus are not ideal for today's ever-changing inventory management. The value-added applications that integrate with Microsoft D365 and run on Azure's cloud service are easy to upgrade and leverage advanced analytics, software robotics, and artificial intelligence for agile optimization. The Azure-based integration services implemented by Efima are part of the total solution.

Kai Lyytinen, Efima's ERP Business Director, is delighted with the new growth-oriented customer who is disrupting the market. “We see the modern ERP as the digital heart, the functional core, of a company. And this core is supported by agile value-added applications and add-ons. Careful implementation and maintenance of integrations and data flows is essential to achieve the level required by our customers in logistics management", says Lyytinen.

More information:

Efima, Business Director Kai Lyytinen, 040 830 1217

LogXellence Oy is a people-driven logistics and business process expert company that offers a fresh perspective on information and goods flow management. They provide their customers with a wide range of services that create more efficient processes, added value and reliability. The company's special area of ​​expertise is food logistics.

Efima Oy supports and streamlines the business of large and medium-sized companies with ERP and financial management software solutions, business process outsourcing and consulting. We want to provide the best service in the industry and be an excellent place to work for our skilled experts.

In 2020, Efima has 200 employees. Efima's revenue in the last financial year was approximately EUR 16 million, and it has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Austin, USA. Read more