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05.09.2017 | Meet Aili – our software robot.

Our software robot Aili. Our software robot Aili.
↑ Our software robot Aili.
05.09.2017 | Aili is the loveliest of all software robots. Her sole existence revolves around helping, supporting and guiding us humans. You can let Aili take care of your numbing routines and focus on those more rewarding tasks. Aili is ready for action – are you?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the act of using software robots to automate different tasks typically done by humans. A software robot is a computer program that mimics human actions and uses other applications via their user interface. RPA performs the best with regular, rule-based, high-volume tasks, such as Accounts Payable processes.

Efima has made evaluating, piloting and implementing RPA as easy as possible – RPA Start gets you going right away. Grab a cup of coffee with Aili, and we'll talk more.

Get to know Aili better by clicking here.