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17.10.2022 | Nordic Sports Brands Oy improves its omnichannel customer experience by partnering up with Efima

Kuntokauppa-tiedote Founded in 2007, Nordic Sports Brands Oy, is a Nordic e-commerce oriented fast-growing sporting goods retailer. In Finland, Nordic Sports Brands Oy is known for its fitness and e-bike specialty store called
↑ Founded in 2007, Nordic Sports Brands Oy, is a Nordic e-commerce oriented fast-growing sporting goods retailer. In Finland, Nordic Sports Brands Oy is known for its fitness and e-bike specialty store called
17.10.2022 | Nordic sporting goods retailer, Nordic Sports Brands Oy, has always relied on strong e-commerce expertise. To deliver its customers even more unified and seamless omnichannel shopping experiences Nordic Sports Brands Oy’s has decided to implement a new unified cloud-based commerce platform delivered by Efima.

Fast-growing Nordic Sports Brands Oy aims to be the best sporting goods retailer in the Nordic countries. The company invests in creating omnichannel customer experiences and has now decided to renew its old commerce solution with a modern, cloud-based commerce platform. Efima is responsible for the delivery of the new business platform as well as its maintenance and development work.

"What we do at Nordic Sports Brands Oy has always been characterized by a culture of continuous development – we are meticulous about both the quality of our service and our product selection, and we want to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience", Nordic Sports Brands Oy's CEO, Matias Kukkonen, explains. The company is now investing in producing an even more seamless omnichannel customer experience. "Today’s customers expect service in a way that suits them – regardless of time or place. And whatever shopping channel they choose, the service must be consistent and unified. We want to meet the expectations of the modern customer, and that's why we have decided to invest in an all-in-one commerce platform that supports seamless omnichannel customer experience. We decided to rely on an international, intelligent commerce platform and a Finnish solution partner familiar with our industry."

The commerce platform covers both traditional and modern sales channels, and all the necessary background functions from procurement to warehouse management, production and financial management. "With the help of a single, unified platform data moves in real time from one process and shopping channel to another, which enables seamless customer service in all channels", Kai Lyytinen, head of Efima's ERP business, describes. "The online order placed by the customer is transmitted directly to accounting, which then starts picking in the warehouse and the product is soon ready to be delivered in the location chosen by the customer", Lyytinen elaborates. "Furthermore, when all customer data is collected on the same platform, Nordic Sports Brands Oy is able to get a 360-degree view of their customers in every channel – which creates new opportunities for personalizing the customer experience."

Efima has strengthened its position as a trusted solution partner in the Finnish retail industry, and Lyytinen is happy that a new retail customer has chosen Efima as its partner. "In the digital transformation of the retail industry, successful companies are those that integrate technology closely into the company's business strategy. And this is exactly what Nordic Sports Brands Oy's journey is all about – together we are building a strong digital core for Nordic Sports Brands Oy, which is constantly developing, and which enables them to meet the changing needs of their customers now and in the future. The culture of continuous development is an important asset for Nordic Sports Brands Oy both in the cloud transition and in the digital transformation of the retail industry", Lyytinen sums up.

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Efima, Business Director Kai Lyytinen, +358 40 830 1217

Nordic Sports Brands Oy, CTO Matti Teräslahti, +358 50 586 8787

About Nordic Sports Brands Oy

Omnichannel and e-commerce orientated Nordic Sports Brands Oy is a fast-growing Nordic retailer of sports equipment and electric bicycles. The Finland-based and family-owned business has presence in Finland and Sweden. Nordic Sports Brands Oy's vision is to be the best sports retailer in the Nordics with highest profitable growth and happiest customers and employees. The company offers a wide assortment of 3000 items including well-known international and strong national brands. In addition, Nordic Sports Brands Oy complements its product selection with its own brands designed and developed in Finland. Nordic Sports Brands Oy employs over 100 skilled e-commerce and retail professionals.

About Efima

Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation. Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions as well as digital financial management services. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation, and partnership. In 2022, Efima employs 300 employees in Efima's two offices in Helsinki and Tampere.