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04.10.2021 | Satu Räsänen has been appointed as Efima's new Chief People Officer

Satu Räsänen, Efima Oy
04.10.2021 | The we-are-in-this-together mindset and the desire to grow and develop unite Efima and Efima's new Chief People Officer, Satu Räsänen. A year ago, Satu started working on HR and management development projects at Efima and will continue her development work as of October 1st 2021 as Efima's new Director of Human Resources and member of the management team.

For one year now Satu Räsänen has been responsible for various human resources and management development projects at Efima. As of the beginning of October she will continue her career at Efima as Efima's new Chief People Officer and member of the management team. Satu will take overall responsibility for Efima's management, culture, and employee well-being.

Before her career at Efima Satu has gained 10 years’ experience in a variety of HR positions, most recently at Esperi Care and KPMG. “Themes like employee competencies, leadership development and corporate culture have always been close to my heart. And when a year ago my path crossed with Efima, I eagerly seized the opportunity to be part of a company where the importance of values, culture and the well-being of the work community has been understood for a long time”, Satu says satisfied with her decision made a year ago. Since then, Satu has been involved in defining Efima's strategic priorities as well as developing and scaling human resource management practices for the future needs of the growth company.

Efima's CEO, Tero Salminen, warmly welcomes Satu to join Efima's management team and to continue her work in a new role: “The past couple years have not been the easiest in terms of human resource management. However, our HR team is to be thanked for not compromising on the well-being of our employees even during the pandemic, and according to our employee survey conducted last spring, our employee satisfaction has even increased. In the midst of all the COVID-19 turmoil, our HR team has also done some meritorious recruitment work, which has resulted in more than 100 new employees joining Efima. Satu is also to thank for these successes. She has convinced us all with her professionalism during the past year and has earned her place in Efima’s management team.

One of the important development projects Satu has been working on has been the employee promise put together by the employees of Efima, redeeming of which is going to be an important part of Satu's new role as Efima's Chief People Officer. “Our employee promise is a description of what kind of a workplace and a work community we want to be – compiled and written by all of us. In my opinion, both the content of the promise and the process of creating it perfectly reflect the Efima way of doing things, in which things are done together”, Satu says and recognizes the same way of working from her own management principles. “While people at Efima are a bunch of top experts, there’s a certain kind of humanity and warmth in everything we do – which is a great trait for an expert organization. All this is central also to the fulfillment of our customer promise.”

Satu believes that the same way of working together is also needed now that Efima is facing a transition from a long remote work period to a new kind of hybrid work life: “We are on the verge of something new again, and no one knows exactly what kind of world awaits us. Our strength lies in our common values and our we-are-in-this-together mindset: together we can create new practices that are the best suited for us and build the Efima of the future.”

Satu’s desire to grow and develop is present during her free time as well. In the past few years, Satu has been working on her postgraduate studies in the field of positive psychology and coaching psychology, which she honorably completed last spring in the middle of busy work and family life. After finishing her studies, Satu dreams of starting a new hobby: “Running from one children's hobby to another has been great exercise for my dream of starting a running hobby again. Instead of actively dreaming of it maybe this fall I will have the courage to succeed”, Satu smiles.