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29.03.2021 | Sirkku Palmuaro is Efima's new CFO

29.03.2021 | Efima's over 10-year-old growth story has reached a point where the company is growing at a rapid pace from a startup into a medium-sized company and an international corporation. The rapid growth places new demands on Efima's financial management, to which Efima's new CFO, Sirkku Palmuaro, is happy to respond.

Sirkku Palmuaro is Efima's new CFO and member of the management team. She has experience in demanding financial management consulting and expert positions. At Efima, Sirkku takes responsibility for developing financial administration to support the company's growth, current stage of development and future requirements. 

Throughout her career Sirkku has worked as a financial expert and consultant at various companies such as PwC and McKinsey. Her main clients have been Finnish listed companies as well as private equity investors. Most recently, Sirkku worked as a leading IFRS expert in the Capital Market Supervision department at the Financial Supervisory Authority. In addition, Sirkku has worked as an entrepreneur, educator, and author. Sirkku has written two books, Financial Statements of Listed Companies and IFRS Reporting, and she is one of the leading IFRS experts in Finland. 

Efima's CEO Tero Salminen is pleased to have Sirkku as Efima’s new CFO and is confident that Sirkku will take Efima’s financial management to the next level: “Sirkku gives us the much needed insight on how to manage our financial management in a high-quality and organized manner as we are growing from a medium-sized company into a large international corporation.” 

When the search for the new CFO for a company specialized in financial management began, the expectations were, to say the least, ambitious. “When we were looking for a superior for our skilled financial professionals, the bar was set high for a reason. Now that one of Finland's leading financial experts was recruited, we can confirm that our expectations were met”, Tero says with a smile on his face. In addition to Sirkku’s solid financial expertise, Tero also emphasizes Sirkku's entrepreneurial and Efima-like mindset as a key selection criterion. 

For Sirkku, being able to participate in Efima’s growth story was a desired step on her career journey. “It was the time right for me to step aside from working with listed companies and find myself back into an environment where I could do more things myself. And working in a growth company gives me the greatest opportunity to do just that", Sirkku explains. During the recruitment process Sirkku became convinced that she had found the right company to take the next step in her career path with: “At Efima, I was fascinated by the great spirit of doing things and the modern and open management culture. Things are done together, and other’s opinions are taken into account – and that’s definitely a principle that I will implement into my own management style at Efima.” 

Sirkku is ready to take up the challenges that the fast growth is placing for Efima’s financial management. “Efima is a great growth story, but rapid growth always brings challenges. I believe that with my experience, I will be able to bring best practices to Efima’s business and financial management in terms of quality, efficiency, and knowledge management. Fortunately, in an organization like Efima, I have dozens of professional colleagues around me to face these challenges with", Sirkku says confidently. 

In her free time, Sirkku works as a yoga teacher and finds herself treating her hobby with the same ambition as her professional work: “Both as a financial professional and as a yoga teacher, I am driven by the ambition to serve my clients expertly. Teaching yoga also requires learning, analytical thinking and understanding various facts, just like expert work.” Sirkku also spends time with her husband, four children and family dog. Unlike in her professional life and as a yoga teacher, when Sirkku is spending time with her family, all facts and analyzes are put aside.