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26.09.2022 | The world's first ERP solution delivered using alliance model revolutionizes ERP delivery processes and management

ainsinoorit_efima_ainut_allianssi Alliance model emphasizes strong mutual trust and close-knit co-operation.
↑ Alliance model emphasizes strong mutual trust and close-knit co-operation.
26.09.2022 | The alliance group formed by consulting company in the construction and property industry, A-Insinöörit, and digital company Efima utilizes an operating model familiar from modern construction projects, which promotes cooperation and value generation and reduces silo mentality, overlapping roles and ultimately also costs. The ERP solution delivered using alliance model is known to be the first one in the world.

ERP delivery is always a business-critical and strategically important project for the customer – however, defining its scope and price can be challenging.

Alliance delivery model offers an opportunity to create value-producing cooperation between the customer and the supplier and to share risks. The parties' close-knit and open cooperation, innovation and commitment to common key goals and target cost, are ways to produce better quality and project management and reduce the risks of traditional implementation models.

The alliance group Ainut, formed by Efima and A-Insinöörit (AINS Group), started its work last April. Ainut aims is to have the new cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution available for the AINS Group's first companies in the spring of 2023. During the first four-months the parties have jointly defined target status, target schedule as well as target costs for the implementation phase of the new ERP system. After the implementation phase, an alliance of continuous services will be formed between the partners.

"Loyal customer base is at the core of Efima’s business, and we aim for excellent customer satisfaction. The alliance model supports Efima's growth goals, and our way of operating is already similar to the model in many respects", Efima’s CEO Tero Salminen argues and continues: "We are ready to share the risk associated with our customer's ERP delivery project by committing to qualitative and timely goals. In addition, A-Insinöörit is one of the pioneers of the alliance model in the construction industry in Finland, and we are excited about the opportunity to learn about the use of the alliance model in digital service implementation projects."

Alliance model is an implementation model created by the construction industry. The key actors of the project are invited to develop the project together with the client, to build ambitious goals and to implement an integrated plan in cooperation. The alliance emphasizes joint action by the parties, strong mutual trust, and success together. The alliance organization formed by the parties works as one unit for the best of the project, and the parties do not focus on looking after their own interests.

In addition to better project management, the alliance model clarifies roles, reduces confusion, and eliminates risks and unnecessary work. A-Insinöörit has already gained clear benefits from using the model.

"A-Insinöörit has been a pioneer in Finland in the control and planning of construction projects based on the alliance model", CEO at A-Insinöörit, Jyrki Keinänen, states and continues: "With the collaborative implementation of the ERP system and the changes in operating methods and processes, we aim for better support of order management, growth and internationalization."

More information

A-Insinöörit, CEO Jyrki Keinänen, +358 40 662 5662

Efima, CEO Tero Salminen, +358 40 767 5311

Ainut (A-Insinöörit), Project Manager Mari Barck, +358 40 527 3479

About A-Insinöörit

A-Insinöörit (AINS Group) is a Finnish, pioneering construction planning and consulting company. A-Insinöörit aims to create best built environment and challenges the entire industry to sustainably renew itself. The 1,300-person expert community offers all planning and project management services for real estate and construction projects in five business areas: development, architectural design, structural design, industrial and building technology, and community and environmental planning. A-Insinöörit operates in 16 locations in Finland and Estonia.

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About Efima

Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation. Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions as well as digital financial management services. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation, and partnership. In 2021, Efima employed 300 employees in Efima's two offices in Helsinki and Tampere.